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  1. Hi, I just bought a 2TB Hitachi Deskstar 5K3000 5400rpm HDS5C3020ALA632 hard drive. I copied over all the data from my old 7200 drives, removed them and when I tried to play some 720p mkv movie files in VLC player they "stutter". I did not have this problem with my old hard drive so this should not be a CPU or VLC player issue. This is my first green 5400rpm drive. Are they really this slow also when playing movie files from them or is here something else wrong?
  2. Thanks for the tips. It seems to work now and the speed is allright, so it seems to be really a first day anomaly. I will report back later whether it's still ok.
  3. Now this is strange. Today everything seems to work fine. Maybe it was the search indexer interfering? I anyway made the test: The interesting thing is that my operating system drive which is a Raptor 150 is much slower in these tests:
  4. Regarding the noise reduction, is it the idle noise or the seek noise that's gotten reduced? I didn't have a problem with the idle noise. Now that you asked it, I've put my ears near it and I can hear the idle noise, but it's not disturbing. Or maybe I tought that's the noise from one of my fans I can't really tell. But it reduced the seek noise considerably. So it's worth it, I think.
  5. Hi! I've put my Raptor 150 into a Scythe Quiet Drive and now it's about 47°C hot, and it could get even hotter. Quiet Drive is good for nose reduction, now I don't hear my Raptor from the other room but isn't this too hot for it?
  6. Hi! I asked WD about the differences of the two versions and i'm not sure what it means that they said to me. Maybe there really is some difference, or they are not saying the truth. Q: "I'm interested in the new Raptor drives, and would like to know if there is any difference between the two models (except for the look). I mean is the Raptor X better optimised for deskop computers or is there no difference in the firmware?" A: "Both the new 150 gig raptors have 16 MB of cache, NCQ, 1.5 Gigabits/ Second transfer rate, and a 4.6 ms seek time, and the same firmware. But the WD1500ADFD is the Enterprise version of the new Raptor, for use in RAID, servers, workstations and enterprise storage. It is optimized for use 24/7 and includes the RAFF technology. The Raptor X, clear cover, Gamer version is the other one. It does not have RAFF and is for use in desktops for fast performance. It is the WD1500AHFD."