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    Dell Perc H800

    Seconded! I am also curious how it is going for you. And what kind of performance you get from it. This Perc H800 (or H700) could be a nice somewhat-cheapish solution to 8-port HW RAID for me.
  2. As long as you have a thin layer of dust, no problem, forget about doing anything against dust. But the problem would be stuff like the vent holes of your PSU getting so full of dust there's barely air coming through, or heatsinks like on your processor. Those are things that can really hurt bad. I was quite when I saw the heatsink of my processor last week, I was amazed by the fact it never crashed ^^.
  3. My guess is it's either something they enable and disable by hardware, or by a different firmware, and because TLER is one of the things they use to 'create' enterprise disks, it is not something they'd want their customers be able to play around with. Can users flash firmware? Not sure, but I guess not. If it is possible though, we may discover in the future if that's where the difference is done.