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  1. continuum

    9460 Broadcom VS Areca 1880ix

    Not sure what's in Linux, but HDTach, AS-SSD, CrystalDiskMark... some don't play well with RAID tho (i.e. they're unusually affected by caching or whatnot). Maybe Brian or someone else would have better suggestions? (also thinking iperf, but that's usually for network...)
  2. continuum

    9460 Broadcom VS Areca 1880ix

    Areca is using Broadcom RoC's so the UI should be the only difference. That and maybe driver tuning.
  3. continuum

    14TB performance reviews

    Seagate Exos product page has the press release up but it's still not added to the main product stack, so I suspect a few more weeks/months...
  4. continuum

    LSI Logic MegaRAID SAS 9271-4i

    Can you manually force it back to WB? Are you getting repeated warnings for BBU or was it just this once?
  5. continuum

    Seagate 2tb hardrive not all.

    If you truly value the data and cannot take any further risks... Time to pay for professional data recovery. Drivesavers, FADV, Ontrack, etc... pricing can range into the thousands.
  6. continuum

    Affordable & reliable RAID 1 controller

    Intel RAID isn't exactly what Brian was referring to. What OS are you guys running?
  7. continuum

    Samsung 860 QVO SSD Review Discussion

    Any comparisons to SATA TLC drives, given the price points, especially on DRAM-less SATA TLC drives, are currently similar?
  8. Not that I'm seeing. Does not appear to be in the retail channel anywhere. It's been out for 9 months, I think?
  9. continuum

    WD Black WD4005FZBX

    Quite a few drive makers have done periodic thermal or drive lube re-calibration in the past, seeing it on the Gold line doesn't surprise me, but the Black line does disappoint me a little if this is really widespread, since that's supposed to be a desktop drive... Even during sequential reads and writes would be very, very surprising tho...
  10. continuum

    Toshiba P300 Warranty

    Where did you purchase the drive from? Was it sold as new, retail box? Was it sold as new OEM (bare drive)? Was it a system pull or sold in some other fashion? It's very possible the drive is new old stock and hence is past warranty, although the manufacturer date would seem to indicate against that. It's hence more likely the drive was sold as an OEM product without any warranty at all. If the drive was purchased new retail box then something's fishy...
  11. continuum

    Lexar Announces 512GB A2 microSD Card

    Ooo, tempting. Price, while high, actually isn't that bad for a very top of the line flash card...
  12. continuum

    Eaton 5P1550GR UPS Review Discussion

    Is there a 110v version available? Looks like it's only 220v? Also there's no mention of runtime... or is that what the (unitless) "battery rating" is supposed to be? If so, since battery rating is unitless, could we get that explained? It's not immediately obvious...
  13. Is a Crucial P1 review in the works? It's the other QLC NVMe SSD...
  14. Most end users honestly don't care about performance. I could imagine swinging a $5 upcharge but even that could be tough...
  15. Uhhhh this thread is more than 2 years old. Just sayin'.
  16. continuum

    Any word of new 2.5 drives above 2 TB?

    I'm hoping we see a capacity bump sooner rather than later, considering 3.5" drives are at 14TB with 16TB on the horizon... 2.5" drives going to 6TB would be like bread crumbs for the hungry.
  17. All depends what your noise tolerance is for head parking and whatnot. As Brian said, don't worry about it unless it's actually a problem. A decade ago, hard disk reviews were common, so you could usually tell in advance of a purchase from a review little nuances like acoustics and stuff... but those days are long past.
  18. Any idea how much of that is actually realistic, tho? Drives in years and decades past-- at least in my memory-- never had drive writes listed in specifications. I can't tell if it's FUD or if it's an actual concern.
  19. At least within Windows you're SOL. Can't speak as to 3rd party software options, and even with messing with that, you'd probably still want to have a backup...
  20. Don't worry about it. Hard drives do not suffer from wear leveling issues like SSD's do.
  21. continuum

    New Silicon Motion SM2262EN controller?

    Intel's already using the Silicon Motion SM2263 in the 660p and the SM2262 in the 760p... that doesn't mean they would use the SM2262EN, but at least they're already a SMI customer?
  22. continuum

    H700 vs 9265-8i

    There's some reviews, but most I know already are doing all-SSD testing even as far back as the LSI MegaRAID 9260-8i, I don't know how much luck you're going to have finding hard disk testing... time to exercise those Google skills? (warning: PDF link) Is LSI Logic's benchmarking guide from a few years ago... covers the LSI SAS 1078, SAS 2108, and SAS 2208... in no case does it say the RAID core is the limit but then they wouldn't keep making the RoC more powerful if it didn't help........ although again as I said above the fact that we have rapidly escalated from HDD to SSD and done a massive uplift in potential IOPS might be partially or entirely why, as opposed to modest performance increases seen from generation to generation in harddisks.
  23. continuum

    help on new NAS

    I'm not an expert on the product lines from Synology, QNap, or Asustor, but Synology's current units review well too... DS1817+ might also be worth a look?
  24. continuum

    H700 vs 9265-8i

    Performance should be able the same then, the MegaRAID is the same LSI 2208 RoC at the same 800mhz core clock (per Storagereview ), so's the latter 9270-8i (9270-8i goes to DDR3 cache memory with more bandwidth and a PCI-e 3.0 x8 interface, but I don't think either of those would affect performance much in your use case). It's not til the MegaRAID 9361-8i that goes to the LSI 2308 RoC if memory serves, which has a 1.2ghz clock.
  25. continuum

    H700 vs 9265-8i

    Any idea what the clock speed is? IIRC for those era of cards, early ones were 800mhz and LSI was able to push it up to 1.2ghz in the successors...