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  1. Seagate 2.5inch NAS

    They're SMR so rebuild performance is probably horrible, if that's something you're worried about... other than that, I got nothin.'
  2. LSI Bios missing

    Does the LSI card show up as a bootable device in your Gigabyte's UEFI? Is there a selection in there to enable Option ROM support? (not that I think your motherboard is the problem, since your problems all seem to stem from your changing your LSI firmware from IR to IT mode.... but helps to ask.)
  3. Drive-managed SMR is completely invisible to the host OS, so yes, it would be supported.
  4. External HDD Became RAW

    Woah, kept the files and folder structures? Very nice.
  5. You'd need a software solution since your system doesn't support a separate drive for caching natively. I'm not aware of any 3rd party caching solutions that are recommended. How much usable storage did you need?
  6. External HDD Became RAW

    Drive probably has physical damage if TestDisk and EaseUS both took days... if you REALLY need the files, it's time to send it to FADV, OnTrack, Driversavers, or some other professional recovery company, and be ready to fork out $thousands depending on how much data you need recovered.
  7. Toshiba External 2TB HDD

    TestDisk doesn't work miracles-- if the drive has physical damage, unfortunately, there's not much it can do
  8. Toshiba External 2TB HDD

    As I said earlier, try TestDisk.
  9. You should be fine with any current off the shelf 3.5" SATA disk.
  10. Toshiba External 2TB HDD

    Give it a few minutes/hours to run?
  11. Toshiba External 2TB HDD

    Have you checked with the actual Toshiba drive diagnostic utility? Have you tried to get in with TestDisk?
  12. Seagate Announces 14TB Helium HDD

    To be fair this looks mostly like the official Seagate press release regurgitated, and that doesn't say much either.
  13. I'm a little fuzzy here, but I assume you are specifically talking about drives like HGST Ultrastar Hs14's that are host-managed SMR?
  14. Assuming that's Fahrenheit, you are well within safe ranges and shouldn't be causing drives to fail. I would be looking at other possible causes, including how you handle drives before/during installation. Or honestly, if you get 3-5 years out of drives in a machine that old, consider if it's even worth the effort to worry about why drives fail, and just deal with it...
  15. Any idea what kind of temperatures your drives are seeing-- can you pull the SMART data? IIRC the old cheese grater style Mac Pro's don't have any fans near the drive bays, hence my inclination to ask about temps...
  16. The controller doesn't care about the amount of cache on the drives, you should be fine with just about anything. You won't see any difference between desktop or nearline disks for your purposes. If you plan to run them in RAID you may want NAS or nearline (Enterprise) disks but otherwise, again, you'll see no difference. Also, any idea why drives keep failing? Just how often are you seeing disk failures?
  17. Reliability of ST2000LM007

    Seagate Rosewood? Outside of data recovery forums I'm not seeing much mention of it aside from the encryption, have any more detailed links?
  18. It doesn't matter to a hard drive if it's kept full, empty, or anywhere in-between. I don't know what SMART parameter you are referring to exactly, but if it's 0xE8 that's specifically relevant towards SSDs and is not relevant for hard disks, nor is it a predictive sign of failure.
  19. Advice to buy new SSD

    What exactly are you doing with this laptop? If you want maximum performance, a Samsung 850 Pro or 860 Pro is about as fast as a SATA SSD gets, but you pay it. Samsung 850 EVO and 860 EVO are quite a bit cheaper and something like 99% of the performance in virtually all use, although there are some sustained scenarios where they are significantly slower-- but no sane desktop user is likely to encounter any of those scenarios. Similar applies for the Crucial MX500 and a few others. And virtually all modern SSD controllers will suffer from reduced performance on SSDs smaller than 500GB or so, since the smaller SSDs don't have enough active NAND dies to provide sufficient parallelism for maximum performance... so instead of forking out for a top of the line Samsung 850 Pro 128G, you're very likely to be better off forking out for a cheaper 850 EVO 250GB. Paging through your link, it looks like they only carry an older, slower Crucial model and a lower-end, slower Samsung model... Kingston has wide variety of models with very different controllers, I'm no longer familiar enough with Kingston's various families to remember what performs better or worse. You're probably going to have to dig through reviews, or at least enough spec sheets to figure out what controllers specific SSDs use-- since you can reasonably count on SSDs using the same controller, same capacity, and same type of NAND to perform similarly.
  20. Samsung 860 EVO SSD Review Discussion

    Being a consumer-aimed SSD, any chance of seeing the 860 EVO reviewed on the consumer testbed/benchmarks instead of the enterprise/workstation one?
  21. Samsung 860 PRO SSD Review Discussion

    That's pretty much what all of the review sites say. Same or similar performance, better power consumption, no reason to upgrade from an existing 850 PRO.
  22. Quiet hard drive

    I don't think there's significant noise differences in any contemporary hard disk make/models, at least as far as I've noticed. Some models do thermal recalibration or whatnot more often, are you referring to those noises, or just plain ol' sustained idle noise? That said our labs here are not particularly quiet-- after hours does get more quiet-- but if you are truly looking for a low noise floor unfortunately I'm not exactly in a place to say.
  23. Were there any planned performance measurements for monitor reviews here? Power consumption? Brightness, contrast, color accuracy? Just curious, since it seems a bit lighter than I expected for a site that's so through in things like SSDs and enterprise storage gear...
  24. Samsung 860 PRO SSD Review Discussion

    I assume the 860 EVO is probably more relevant to most end-users, since they don't need the performance of the 860 PRO (or 850 PRO). Will be curious to see how long it sticks around... I think with QLC we might be surprised?
  25. Samsung 860 PRO SSD Review Discussion

    The point is so Samsung can phase out production of older generation controllers and V-NAND, and migrate their factories all to the latest controllers and V-NAND. Simplifies production and inventory. Probably lets them optimize production in a significant manner too, since I assume the newer 64-layer V-NAND is cheaper to produce per GB than the older 48-layer V-NAND. That said, SR appears to be only ones calling it "unsurprisingly, another impressive release" ... all the other reviews I've read say it's more of the same, just with better power consumption, since the 850 PRO was already limited by the SATA 6Gbps interface and that's a hard limit no SATA SSD is going to be able to fix.