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  1. All depends what your noise tolerance is for head parking and whatnot. As Brian said, don't worry about it unless it's actually a problem. A decade ago, hard disk reviews were common, so you could usually tell in advance of a purchase from a review little nuances like acoustics and stuff... but those days are long past.
  2. Any idea how much of that is actually realistic, tho? Drives in years and decades past-- at least in my memory-- never had drive writes listed in specifications. I can't tell if it's FUD or if it's an actual concern.
  3. At least within Windows you're SOL. Can't speak as to 3rd party software options, and even with messing with that, you'd probably still want to have a backup...
  4. Don't worry about it. Hard drives do not suffer from wear leveling issues like SSD's do.
  5. continuum

    New Silicon Motion SM2262EN controller?

    Intel's already using the Silicon Motion SM2263 in the 660p and the SM2262 in the 760p... that doesn't mean they would use the SM2262EN, but at least they're already a SMI customer?
  6. continuum

    H700 vs 9265-8i

    There's some reviews, but most I know already are doing all-SSD testing even as far back as the LSI MegaRAID 9260-8i, I don't know how much luck you're going to have finding hard disk testing... time to exercise those Google skills? (warning: PDF link) Is LSI Logic's benchmarking guide from a few years ago... covers the LSI SAS 1078, SAS 2108, and SAS 2208... in no case does it say the RAID core is the limit but then they wouldn't keep making the RoC more powerful if it didn't help........ although again as I said above the fact that we have rapidly escalated from HDD to SSD and done a massive uplift in potential IOPS might be partially or entirely why, as opposed to modest performance increases seen from generation to generation in harddisks.
  7. continuum

    help on new NAS

    I'm not an expert on the product lines from Synology, QNap, or Asustor, but Synology's current units review well too... DS1817+ might also be worth a look?
  8. continuum

    H700 vs 9265-8i

    Performance should be able the same then, the MegaRAID is the same LSI 2208 RoC at the same 800mhz core clock (per Storagereview ), so's the latter 9270-8i (9270-8i goes to DDR3 cache memory with more bandwidth and a PCI-e 3.0 x8 interface, but I don't think either of those would affect performance much in your use case). It's not til the MegaRAID 9361-8i that goes to the LSI 2308 RoC if memory serves, which has a 1.2ghz clock.
  9. continuum

    H700 vs 9265-8i

    Any idea what the clock speed is? IIRC for those era of cards, early ones were 800mhz and LSI was able to push it up to 1.2ghz in the successors...
  10. It's 40-pin ATA? Ugh, you're probably out of luck. There are some PATA SSDs but they're all ancient, back when SSD controllers were terrible. Unfortunately the days of PATA are long dead, anything you're likely to find is going to be old stock, but find the most modern PATA drive you can and hope it helps? Or maybe risk CompactFlash-to-PATA with a suitable adapter?
  11. continuum

    New Silicon Motion SM2262EN controller?

    Seen the same reviews you have. I'm not blown away, but it looks like SMI will have a very competitive controller on its hands, and more competition is always a good thing!
  12. continuum

    H700 vs 9265-8i

    IIRC the LSI MegaRAID 9265-8i is a generation newer (I could be wrong-- in my 2 minutes of reading the Dell spec sheet, I didn't see which RAID-on-a-chip (RoC) it uses) than the H700... but as said I doubt you'd see a huge difference.
  13. Hmmm it's at least eSATA, which means the internal disk is likely SATA, and I don't think you will run into any limits (some controllers may get confused with drives above 2TB and hence you could be SOL, but that's not likely). That said I don't think many people take apart old LaCie enclosures to swap the drive, so I'd say you're probably gonna have to chance it on this one.
  14. continuum

    HyperX Gaming MicroSD Card Review

    That is something a review site can provide that the average consumer can't easily do/afford/justify him/herself, right? To provide useful comparison testing? (especially if you have the other cards on hand. If you don't then I can understand why you didn't do such a comparison!)
  15. continuum

    HyperX Gaming MicroSD Card Review

    Were the competing cards also tested in the Switch?
  16. continuum

    14TB performance reviews

    Saw Anandtech's review, they look like a straightforward evolution of the 12TB, which isn't a bad thing. Hoping this cause 12TB single-disk externals to show up sooner rather than later, too. (plus the price per TB on the 12TB units is now getting pretty attractive...).
  17. continuum

    Intel-SSD for MS SQL Server Log-Files

    The P4600's are 2TB units? I'd use whatever drive pair's capacity is more suitable for your workload. With the greater NAND on the 2TB drives, they should sustain performance longer.
  18. Sounds about right from my experience. OCE (online capacity expansion) is a slow process.
  19. continuum

    Huge project / How to Store & Workflow

    Evaluate who has better performance for you. Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, pCloud, Tresorit, Backblaze, Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier (for long term only), etc. Keep in mind that many providers charge different rates to store vs. different rates to export data out (egress) for your calculations. Editing 4 years down the road, offload it off the cloud to a local drive, do your edits, then upload it back. I don't know your workflow/storage processes as far as optimal performance, so it's a little hard to say, but given the file sizes and bandwidth required I strongly suspect you're going to need to do all edits locally.
  20. continuum

    Samsung 860 EVO SSD VS SAS HDD

    They should work just fine, but like anything with not-specifically-tested-as-compatible gear, if you get any weird behaviour, you may be on your own for solving it...
  21. continuum

    Toshiba L200

    Reviews are leaking out, will SR's be up soon? Or better yet, a comparison of all the recently released QLC SSDs?
  22. continuum

    PCH vs CPU lanes 2018

    LOL, you're at a site that used to post the data translated to either in average latency (ms), IOPS, and MB/sec... wrong place to complain.
  23. continuum

    PCH vs CPU lanes 2018

    I'm looking for benchmarks but not seeing any outside of a bunch that do RAID testing, which isn't terribly relevant to single drive setups, since I would be much less surprised at the DMI 3.0 link used on the mid-range and higher chipsets being saturated with a bunch of NVMe drives. For a single drive unfortunately, not seeing anything, although there could still be an impact. However, given DMI 3.0 is basically a PCI-e 3.0 x4 link, and we know even high-end NVMe SSDs using PCI-e 3.0 x4 don't come anywhere close to saturating the link in 4K I/O's, I don't know how much of a concern it actually is. As the Techspot article says, the older DMI 2.0 link on the budget chipsets is a different story. edit: ah! Maybe this?
  24. continuum

    Samsung 970 Pro 1TB Review Discussion

    Any chance of consumer benchmarks? Just curious, since reviews on the 970 PRO are not super common yet (at least vs. the 970 EVO!).
  25. continuum

    Toshiba L200

    Intel 660p?