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  1. The change in transfer rate looks right, the further you get on a spinning disk the fewer sectors travel under the heads in a given time, so the transfer rate decreases. It's a function of where you are reading from on the disk, not of temperature (unless of course you are overheating the disk-- but 44C is within operating spec, so that shouldn't be a factor).
  2. continuum

    How is this Speed Possible?

    Do you have Samsung SSD Magician installed? If so it's probably reading from the system memory cache that Samsung SSD Magician supports.
  3. continuum

    Portable USB HDD vs Powered HDD

    Uh, doesn't really matter? 2.5" bus-powered disks are usually more shock resistant than their 3.5" desktop counterparts, if that helps your decision any.
  4. continuum

    Seagate Exos 7E8 vs 5E8

    ST8000NM0055 is the superior drive, there's no reason to pick up a SMR drive like the ST8000AS0003.
  5. continuum

    Question about RAID5/6 and/or ZFS raidz1/2 theory

    Depends how many disks you want to mimick. Then use Brian's calculator above to determine your percentages.
  6. Phanteks Enthoo 719 just came out, I'd say it's one of the few that supports that many drives at a non-crazy price. Looking at photos, the Corsair 900D might, but then you have power supply fitment limitations and a lack of cooling for some of the drives. Adapting the 5.25" bays to fit some 3.5" drives might alleviate the power supply fitment limitations...™-900D-Super-Tower-Case/p/CC-9011022-WW
  7. continuum

    Question about RAID5/6 and/or ZFS raidz1/2 theory

    Correct. The goal is to still ensure uptime, not to prevent failed disks.
  8. continuum

    Question about RAID5/6 and/or ZFS raidz1/2 theory

    This is why RAID5 or RAIDZ is not recommend by many, and RAID6 or RAIDZ2 is preferred instead.
  9. continuum

    fast drive array

    Uhhhhh what's your budget? At this level of spending, especially if you have an existing Dell hardware base, you can probably call up your Dell rep and see what they recommend.
  10. If you swap the failing disk out with a known good one, does the RAID rebuild? If so you can be pretty sure the disk is bad, SMART data or not. If you are concerned about warranty, 99.999% of manufacturers will accept a "drive will not stay in array" as a failure code.
  11. continuum

    Question about RAID5/6 and/or ZFS raidz1/2 theory

    It's number of drives in the array (n). For RAID5, 1 drive's worth of storage is reserved for parity data, so (n-1) is the available capacity. For RAID6, it's 2 drive's worth that is reserved for parity data. RAIDZ and RAIDZ2 are similar in the space reserved for parity.
  12. Not a Marketplace question.
  13. continuum

    Will it fit?

    Insufficient information provided-- both about the laptop specifications as well as your desired external SSD. However, if you want to speak generally, anything the past few years has a few USB 3.0/3.1 G1 ports, and most external SSD's use an interface that is backwards-compatible with USB 3.0/USB 3.1 G1, so yes, generally speaking, anything should work. I speak in generalities because the are plenty of edge cases where you might get into trouble-- Thunderbolt is still not a common interface, and while regular USB ports (rectangular ports about a centimeter wide) are common, USB-C ports (smaller ports with rounded edges) are still not common, especially on low-end hardware. Most, particularly USB-C, can be overcome if it is indeed still a USB interface (and not Thunderbolt over the same connector) with the right cables, but again it can be complicated very quickly.
  14. continuum

    Best Hard Drives for an UnRaid System?

    There aren't that many 14TB drives on the market so I'd just scour the manufacturer spec sheets and press releases if you're really that curious. If you want to be the one to make the table and post it here then have at it.
  15. continuum

    Best Hard Drives for an UnRaid System?

    Seagate Exos X14 are PMR, not SMR. I wouldn’t worry about reliability between either of those two models. We have no indication current SMR drives are any different in reliability than other hard disks, however they do have a performance penalty with large amounts of writes, and hence we do NOT recommend them for use in RAID.
  16. Easy things first, does the drive show up in Windows 10 if you use a SATA-to-USB adapter?
  17. continuum

    Transfer car HDD

    Nope. From memory, both Honda and Nissan have used hard disk based ICE in their vehicles much more recently than that! D:
  18. continuum

    Hard drive errors, time to get a new one?

    Run the drive manufacturer's diagnostic utility. If it gives a pass after both long and short tests, don't worry about it. If it fails, definitely get a new drive. Raw SMART values are notoriously difficult to interpret given the varying meanings between manufacturers on what exactly in those values constitute failures vs. failing vs. health. You can break it down if you want-- I know several people who do so with skill on other forums-- but running the manufacturer's test is by far the easiest thing to do for a reasonable answer.
  19. continuum

    onboard raid controller giving me grief

    The destination client under #1 is a different system in #2, #3, or #4? If so sounds like something is weird with client #1.
  20. Cheapest version of 3D XPoint (Intel Optane) I see at Newegg is roughly $2/GB, and Micron's version is even faster than Intel's, so it will probably cost more. So I strongly doubt this would make it into PS5 unless there's some fancy $1k ultra-bling-bling edition.
  21. continuum

    Replacing HDD with SSD - Does size matter?

    Well, a lot more tools can definitely do smaller -> bigger for a clone. Maybe whoever you talked to was not familiar with the other tools.
  22. IIRC they all have a DRAM cache so buy whatever's cheapest.
  23. continuum

    Replacing HDD with SSD - Does size matter?

    I think EaseUS and some others have products that can do this.
  24. continuum

    Transfer car HDD

    Googling suggests you read in audio CDs one by one and it rips them to some digital format (presumably MP3) and stores on the hard drive.
  25. continuum

    Transfer car HDD

    You might be SOL. Honda uses the same system in several vehicles, might be worth checking around...