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  1. continuum

    Transfer car HDD

    Nope. From memory, both Honda and Nissan have used hard disk based ICE in their vehicles much more recently than that! D:
  2. continuum

    Hard drive errors, time to get a new one?

    Run the drive manufacturer's diagnostic utility. If it gives a pass after both long and short tests, don't worry about it. If it fails, definitely get a new drive. Raw SMART values are notoriously difficult to interpret given the varying meanings between manufacturers on what exactly in those values constitute failures vs. failing vs. health. You can break it down if you want-- I know several people who do so with skill on other forums-- but running the manufacturer's test is by far the easiest thing to do for a reasonable answer.
  3. continuum

    onboard raid controller giving me grief

    The destination client under #1 is a different system in #2, #3, or #4? If so sounds like something is weird with client #1.
  4. Cheapest version of 3D XPoint (Intel Optane) I see at Newegg is roughly $2/GB, and Micron's version is even faster than Intel's, so it will probably cost more. So I strongly doubt this would make it into PS5 unless there's some fancy $1k ultra-bling-bling edition.
  5. continuum

    Replacing HDD with SSD - Does size matter?

    Well, a lot more tools can definitely do smaller -> bigger for a clone. Maybe whoever you talked to was not familiar with the other tools.
  6. IIRC they all have a DRAM cache so buy whatever's cheapest.
  7. continuum

    Replacing HDD with SSD - Does size matter?

    I think EaseUS and some others have products that can do this.
  8. continuum

    Transfer car HDD

    Googling suggests you read in audio CDs one by one and it rips them to some digital format (presumably MP3) and stores on the hard drive.
  9. continuum

    Transfer car HDD

    You might be SOL. Honda uses the same system in several vehicles, might be worth checking around...
  10. continuum

    Best 1TB+ HDD

    Ah, excellent. RAID is not a backup. You understand.
  11. continuum

    Best 1TB+ HDD

    I'd grab the cheapest brand-new major name brand (WD/HGST, Toshiba, or Seagate) 2.5" drive you can find. If you want a little more performance, a SSHD (basically a hard disk with a few GB of flash memory as cache) if it's not much of a price increase would be the way to go-- Seagate's FireCuda line is an example. 2.5" mostly because it's generally designed to be much more resistant to shock damage, so your odds of the retailer improperly packing the drive matter less to the drive's ultimate fate...
  12. continuum

    Which of these SSD's are best?

    Your task is read performance focused, and all the SSDs there should perform about the same.
  13. continuum

    850 EVO vs 970 EVO

    What are your source and destination of the transfer? Is the folder/files transferred exactly the same? As far as real-world use feeling exactly the same that doesn't surprise me, typical (even enthusiast) end-user workloads are so light on the disk that while NVMe drives, technically faster, just don't have enough disk I/O in such situations to show off their performance. What does AS-SSD or CrystalDiskMark or something else say? I'm wondering if you have a host based disk cache enabled or something on the 850 EVO... but again I don't want to jump to too many conclusions here.
  14. Other sites say 136 layers, and less thru-holes required, which hopefully simplifies production. I'm looking forward to what's next!
  15. What exact drives are you considering for your purchase? We can throw things at the wall til it sticks, but focusing on what you're actually thinking about buying might be a more efficient use of time.