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  1. continuum

    Music NAS storage

    What capacity drives do you currently have? Is upgrading the current drives feasible?
  2. continuum

    Second hard drive

    IDE (PATA) ports can take two hard disks per port, you'd need a suitable cable and make sure the drives are jumpered appropriately as master/slave (or cable select). There also some LBA addressing limits you may need to be aware of, but I believe that chipset is old enough and the drive is small enough (under the 137GB LBA limit) that you should be fine.
  3. continuum

    SSD life expectancy

    TBW is the only manufacturer-specified standard metric usually published, is there another you're thinking of? P/E cycles specified by NAND type would be kind of generic. Actual drive lifetime, as several long-term tests have done, is a hell of a lot more testing intensive...?
  4. Performance lag relative to what exactly? What baseline are you using?
  5. continuum

    2,5" 2TB HDD HGST's 3.5" business got sold to Toshiba, HGST's 2.5" business was sold (and kept) by WDC.
  6. continuum

    Western Digital Adds NVMe To WD Blue

    I'd be curious to see benchmarks, given the controller only has a limited amount of internal DRAM. Which should beat the heck out of actual DRAM-less designs, at least for typical desktop use...
  7. continuum

    Safe materials to secure mSATA SSD

    Got any pictures of the said laptop and mSATA SSD mount? Usually you can find the screw and post to mount the SSD if the laptop was designed for it, but I'm unclear if your laptop was designed for it...?
  8. continuum

    Need an Areca Expert For Odd Situation

    Have they changed things since the ARC-1680i days? We had a few failures and my notes definitely include what I described above when LeVeL2ReScUe did not work. I don't see any mention of SIGNAT in my notes at all, so I assume that is a significant change from the ARC-1680i-series to the ARC-1880i's... That said, glad it worked! (also, derp on me forgetting about LeVeL2ReScUe as a key step to do before what I described above...)
  9. continuum

    New BackBlaze Stats

    That's what people have been saying since hard disks hit 1TB, then 2TB... That said we're long past the days where single parity in an array made sense. Long past.
  10. continuum

    What settings for a 9271-8i without BBU

    Going from memory that sounds about right for mechanical hard disks, but I strongly advise that my memory on this is rusty...
  11. continuum

    New BackBlaze Stats

    Everything 8TB and larger seems to be pretty reliable, at least we haven't found any Seagate 3TB ST3000DM001 or WD Green 1.5TB-like failure rates anywhere just yet. The 8TB stuff has at least been around long enough to make me pretty confident in that, the 12TB and larger not yet.
  12. continuum

    Seagate Reports 2Q19 Earnings

    Vs Q2 2018, net income went up quite a bit despite GM (gross margin) declining...
  13. continuum

    External docking station problems

    Which exact make/model of hard disks are involved? Ditto for the docking station?
  14. continuum

    8big raid - st3000dm001 barracuda compatible

    Either look for a refurb/used disk of the same model and firmware, or roll the dice with an equivalent 3TB drive of another model.
  15. continuum

    Need an Areca Expert For Odd Situation

    Normal procedure if memory serves, you set all the failed disks to active, then delete and recreate the entire array without re-initializing.