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  1. For a single drive sample, they'd be exactly the same, or so close you wouldn't be able to tell.
  2. continuum

    Reliability of seagate expansion 2.5" 2 TB

    Question-- what timeframes exactly are you addressing in your "as of late" comments? Seagate Barracuda 3TB (ST3000DM001) failure rates are definitely atrocious, but most of our deployments were circa 2011 or 2012 for those, so the ST3000DM001 is far enough in the past, it's is no longer a relevant model for our production. Just curious what timeframes you're looking at. Major auto makers are doing this the past few years, actually. To replace simple parts often requires you have the factory tool to reset the ECM, PCM, TCM, etc. to accept the new part. It's not quite as atrocious as forcing you to take it back to the dealer, but independent shops have been forced to buy the factory diagnostic tools to do a proper ECM/PCM/TCM/etc. reset. Plus they're now applying for and receiving design patents on a lot of parts, so 3rd party makers can't make alternatives (at least not immediately).
  3. I'll be blunt-- that looks slow as hell if it's aimed at "professional" use, nevermind the ratings. Nowhere near the real-world-close-to-100MB/sec-read and 80MB/sec writes that we're used to seeing from Sandisk, Samsung, and Lexar's high-end stuff. Quite disappointing.
  4. Seagate Desktop 8TB's are just fine, but honestly I would grab whatever's cheapest. You shouldn't see too many SMR drives in 8TB aside from the Seagate Archive units, so I wouldn't worry about it-- but again check the spec sheets if you're concerned. Honestly I don't remember what the MacPro drive sleds use for their mounting screw configuration, but as long as you can get in 4 screws to mount it to the drive tray you should be fine.
  5. Check the screw holes on any 8TB and larger drive you're buying-- the last few years as drive capacities have increased, platter counts inside drives have gone up, and the middle set of screw holes in 3.5" drives has disappeared as a result (there's no longer room for them!). Seagate, Toshiba, HGST, WD... all current 8TB drives seem to be fine, I'm not aware of any serious defects floating around. For a desktop I would probably avoid nearline/enterprise drives such as HGST Ultrastar or Seagate Exos/Enterprise Capacity as those are usually tuned for performance, not for low noise. Looks like that Apricorn card is SATA 6Gbps, so ideally you'd use the SATA ports off it it. Power is just an ordinary SATA power cable, I don't remember what kind of power cables are free inside of your MacPro tho so I don't recall what kind of adapters you may need. Honestly if it's just for bulk storage, the SATA 3Gbps ports built-in to the MacPro should be fine, I might consider just using those and not worrying about it.
  6. Peak power for the WD Black 3D and Sandisk Extreme PRO is listed as 9.24W per the spec sheet.
  7. continuum

    NVMe 1.2 and 1.3 Anandtech's got a pretty good article on the differences.
  8. continuum

    Seagate 2.5inch NAS

    They're SMR so rebuild performance is probably horrible, if that's something you're worried about... other than that, I got nothin.'
  9. continuum

    LSI Bios missing

    Does the LSI card show up as a bootable device in your Gigabyte's UEFI? Is there a selection in there to enable Option ROM support? (not that I think your motherboard is the problem, since your problems all seem to stem from your changing your LSI firmware from IR to IT mode.... but helps to ask.)
  10. Drive-managed SMR is completely invisible to the host OS, so yes, it would be supported.
  11. continuum

    External HDD Became RAW

    Woah, kept the files and folder structures? Very nice.
  12. You'd need a software solution since your system doesn't support a separate drive for caching natively. I'm not aware of any 3rd party caching solutions that are recommended. How much usable storage did you need?
  13. continuum

    External HDD Became RAW

    Drive probably has physical damage if TestDisk and EaseUS both took days... if you REALLY need the files, it's time to send it to FADV, OnTrack, Driversavers, or some other professional recovery company, and be ready to fork out $thousands depending on how much data you need recovered.
  14. continuum

    Toshiba External 2TB HDD

    TestDisk doesn't work miracles-- if the drive has physical damage, unfortunately, there's not much it can do
  15. continuum

    Toshiba External 2TB HDD

    As I said earlier, try TestDisk.