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  1. continuum

    New BackBlaze Stats

    Everything 8TB and larger seems to be pretty reliable, at least we haven't found any Seagate 3TB ST3000DM001 or WD Green 1.5TB-like failure rates anywhere just yet. The 8TB stuff has at least been around long enough to make me pretty confident in that, the 12TB and larger not yet.
  2. continuum

    Seagate Reports 2Q19 Earnings

    Vs Q2 2018, net income went up quite a bit despite GM (gross margin) declining...
  3. continuum

    External docking station problems

    Which exact make/model of hard disks are involved? Ditto for the docking station?
  4. continuum

    8big raid - st3000dm001 barracuda compatible

    Either look for a refurb/used disk of the same model and firmware, or roll the dice with an equivalent 3TB drive of another model.
  5. continuum

    Need an Areca Expert For Odd Situation

    Normal procedure if memory serves, you set all the failed disks to active, then delete and recreate the entire array without re-initializing.
  6. continuum

    LACIE 8BIG - st3000dm001 DISK

    Please don't repost duplicate topics.
  7. I'm more interested in performance and reliability than price. That said, competition is generally good for prices...
  8. continuum

    Intel Announced Optane Memory H10

    I wonder how this will shake out compared to other QLC drives, most of which seem to do a good-sized pseudo-SLC cache...
  9. Any more specs on the SSDs? They smell like typical SM2263 units but everywhere I've looked seems to be light on details.
  10. continuum

    WD Black WD4005FZBX

    Well, with the logs you have, go back to Western Digital and send them the trace. Plot it out on a chart if it makes it more obvious. You should be able to get it up to level 3 support for a more detailed explanation.
  11. continuum

    WD Black WD4005FZBX

    Is this with the drive in use as a data drive? Can you post a screenshot with a drive activity trace? Does this happen even if the drive is mounted out of a case and on a smooth firm ESD-safe surface? Just trying to eliminate all the other variables here, because this sounds like defective behavior to me. We use craptons of drives here and would reject any lot with that defect.
  12. "by an data cleaning app" Impossible to say without knowing the nature of the application. If it just does a simple delete (i.e. Windows or Mac moving files to the recycle bin) then you should be able to use standard data recovery utilities such as TestDesk to attempt recovery. If this "data cleaning app" actually securely erases files then you're probably SOL.
  13. continuum

    9460 Broadcom VS Areca 1880ix

    Out of curiosity, which make/model of disk in each array?
  14. I assume the TV will handle a 4-bay NAS just fine? I've run into some limited USB device class implementations before where it handed a single-drive device just fine but then didn't know what to do with an unexpected device class. Regardless, I'd guess something baseline like a Synology DS418j would be a decent place to start?
  15. continuum

    9460 Broadcom VS Areca 1880ix

    Not sure what's in Linux, but HDTach, AS-SSD, CrystalDiskMark... some don't play well with RAID tho (i.e. they're unusually affected by caching or whatnot). Maybe Brian or someone else would have better suggestions? (also thinking iperf, but that's usually for network...)