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  1. QUESTION 1: Can anyone comment on this, specifically whether there really is any difference in the firmware between the current "Enterprise" and future "X" versions of the 150? The reason I'm asking is because of Eugene saying "the two different versions do not feature significantly differing firmware . . . Here at least, differences really do extend only skin deep," and then that they differ only in Mean Time Between Failure (lower with the polycarbonate window) and price . . . all before he prefaces the tests with "As previously mentioned, the two 'versions' of the WD1500 only differ cosmetically." Next, Here's another reason I wonder if they are identical, sparked by a questionable comment on the available drive's NewEgg page <> : Other Thoughts: I just wanted to make sure everyone knew the ADFD is the enterprise version of the new Raptor. It has raid-specific features that will probably slow down the performance of the drive if not used in a raid configuration. If you want to use this in a desktop please wait for the AHFD which has a fancy clear window on it. Reviewed By: msudude, 1/5/2006 5:50:53 PM QUESTION 2: Is "msudude" correct about these "raid-specific features" existing or do you think he's confusing the Raptor 150 with some sort of SCSI / multiuser drive? If anyone can reassure me that the "Enterprise" 150 with the default firmware is indeed perfectly suitable for straight-out-of-the-box single user, non-RAID use as well (just as Eugene's charts nicely suggest), it would be very helpful. Thanks!