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  1. I just spent 13 hours (5PM-6PM) helping a customer get back up and running who lost a drive in a 3-drive RAID-0 array on a server. Sometime duirng the night I convenced him that robustness was better than capacity/speed and we switched it over to RAID-5. For the same reason I no longer use RAID-0 on my workstation. While I agree that for speed that a single drive is best for a workstation, at the same time I simply cannot afford downtime that restoring a backup wil take. I'm running RAID-5 on three Raptor WB740GD's but am thinking about switching to RAID-1 on two WD1500's. Data is king and my nightly backups don't get me back up and running fast enough. That's why I care about RAID, but as far as I concerned you can ignore RAID-0. (BTW: How IS RAID-0 redundant?)