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  1. Exactly, not exactly your typical enthusiast that needs that kind of power/space/speed. Anyways how the hell do you fit a 3.5" drive in the space of a 2.5" drive or am I being stupid in assuming there are extra big laptops which shouldn't be called laptops?
  2. Yep I'd like to know this too I know with my Hitachi drive there was a disc utility to turn things like this on and off, maybe it's the same for Western Digital drives? I just ordered the 150Gb Raptor. It looks ideal for what I do. My T7K250 gets thrashed a lot when I try and do one very disk intensive activity and one other that may or may not be...even just switching to a browser can take ages if the drive is being thrashed. This should speed things up nicely and the size is perfect, 74Gb wasn't enough for me. On pre-order at