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    Building new computer -- need advise on disks

    Alex to get your answer about Ghost go to Rad's website. It specialises in all the different versions of Ghost and has a great depth of users. You should be able to get your answer in a couple of hours or less. Radified Adam
  2. Adam Zonker

    Western Digital Raptor WD1500

    SPOD Quote ( I'd sooner upgrade to 2 GB of RAM than buy a Raptor just to use it for the pagefile.) Would your reply for gaming be the same for Editing Photos. ie: Photoshop Elements? A freind has asked me to build him a computer. His main use will be for Photoshop. Pictures not video. HE also does not play any games. I have no experiance with Photoshop. But from what I have read it uses alot of Ram and a "scratch disk". Which I take to be its pagefile. My ideas have been to: 1 st HD WD74 Raptor or 150 Raptor OS/boot/programs, first partition. So I can Ghost to backup HD. 2nd HD WD36 Raptor for "scratch disk" 3rd Hd Seagate Sata 160 7200.9 for Data 4th HD Seagate Sata 160 7200.9 for Backup. Mother Board Asus P5Ld2 Preimium Intel D 920 Ram one or two GB Corsair Twin 2X1024 -5400 C4
  3. Adam Zonker

    Western Digital Raptor WD1500

    I thought I read somewhere that there also was going to be a new WD74 with 16mb cache?