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  1. This is the part that really bugs me in an otherwise excellent review that is out before everyone else. Good work! But back to the problem. There is according to many sources 2 versions of this drive. Not even mentioning this in the review (at least it wasn’t mentioned in the one I read) is discouraging. WD complained about you stealing thunder from there CES announcement? Hey Mate If you read the review carefully, the only difference between the two drives is cosmetic, not performance. RAD
  2. Excellent review. However a lot of people use raid arrays these days, so some data in this area is needed. Especially for the 74 gig raptor. Since it is half the price and half the size, it would be nice to see if this beats a single 150gig raptor in raid 0, if this is the case, then it would be better to buy 2 x 74gig drives setup in raid 0 than 1 x 150 gig drive. RAD