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  1. I want a home server to store music and photos with access from a few different places but rarely more than one user at a time. Does anybody have any idea which of the SR tests is the best indicator of performance in this kind of server? My idea is that its a combination of Transfer Rate and the two DriveMarks and add a smidgin of IOMeter File Server 1 I/O. Any other ideas? Thanks
  2. rone070

    Samsung SpinPoint P120

    I appreciate that you wanted to do a top-of-the line comparison, that is one kind of benchmark. And its great to have this drive reviewed. For myself, I have always approached drive comparisons with a budget in mind. It would have been simpler for me if the comparison drives were comparable price points. In aussie dollars, best street price, the WD4000YR is $358, the 7K500 is $560. The other drives in the comparison have a purpose, being either true competitors or an older model. The P120 goes for about $150 aussie. That seems so far removed from these other two as to render comparison academic at best. What would have worked better for me is that these two drives could be mentioned in a paragraph comparing top-of-the-line performance and instead replace them the details with something like WD2500KS ($176) and the T7K500 ($175). Maybe others would have found this more useful as well. thanks for your time regards