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    Buying a 6TB disk in the UK

    I think you're right that the Red might not be fast enough. I'm currently using a 4TB 7200rpm Hitachi drive, and a get annoyed waiting for that to complete database operations. I guess I will have to wait for some consumer-priced 7200rpm 6TB disks to arrive here.
  2. I'm looking for a 6TB disk to fit in a small home server, it's not a RAID configuration. I use it as a development database server, so it works hard. Performance is fairly important, but moderate power consumption also desirable. Availability of 6TB disks in the UK is currently limited. I'd prefer to avoid buying from overseas. The only one offered by my usual supplier ( is the Western Digital Red 6TB. This disk is designed for use in home/small office RAID arrays and NAS systems, but are there any reasons it would not be suitable for my use ? Alternatively, would anyone like to guess when the other 6TB disks available in the US will become available in the UK ?