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    most reliable hard drive?

    There's a few rules of the thumb that I like to abide by: 1. Every manufacturer has a few "oopsie"-lines, batches with lots of DOA/failures 2. Bad shipping/handling will reliably kill even the best drive 3. If it doesnt die during the first year, odds are good that it'll last for a long while
  2. Check the 3ware software for write-back or write-thru cache, it has to be enabled to get any decent performance...
  3. Wibla

    why so many large drive failures

    Actually regarding the Samsung F1 1TB drives, I've seen about 2 fail, and I know of atleast 100 in production, both in servers and home systems... Not a bad track record, imho. Samsung might have jumped on the 333GB/platter bandwagon quickly, but they were far from the first to get to the 1TB point. The biggest problems with harddrives and perceived vs. actual reliability is that most end users have too few drives for the data to be meaningful, and those with large enough datasets are reluctant to talk about it, for obvious reasons...
  4. The 3ware 9500S controller is an outdated, antiquated piece of tech by todays standards, I wouldnt recommend them to anyone at this point. The max read speeds you can expect from a 9500S is around 420-430MB/s in raid5, and that is with 11-12 drives, not 4 or 3... As for write speeds? I managed 130-135MB/s write on 11x1TB with heavy tweaking on linux, so 30-40MB/s to a 3-4 drive array sounds about right. i've seen benchmarks citing close to 200MB/s for raid0 write, but you'd be hard pressed to manage that in a production enviroment. If you want good performance without scrapping the old arrays, I'd recommend getting a used 3ware 9650SE-8 port card off ebay. These cards have a PCI-E 8x interface, and performance is in a different league compared to the 9500-series
  5. Wibla

    3ware raid capacity expansion

    From what i've heard from the grapevine, you'd be well off contacting 3ware directly about this, they should be able to help you. TBH I'd rather just start over, less risk of data loss.
  6. Actually, 1280:800 -> 1366:768 gives a HIGHER number of pixels total... but its still a shitty res, so it doesnt help anyways
  7. 15.4" 16:10 with 168x1050 is also fairly good, abit higher dpi, but atleast youre not sacrificing resolution I dont have anything against 16:10, I DO have lots against 16:9. retarded aspect ratio for pc usage.
  8. Wibla

    What do you do?

    Used to work in the Norwegian navy as an enlisted sonar operator on a frigate, now I'm a student
  9. 10/10 .. not too hard really
  10. Wibla

    SR moved to a new server

    Takes a long time to post replies on forums it seems...
  11. Wibla

    Drive testing methodology

    Doing proper sound measurements is very tricky, and requires an anechoic chamber to do reliable testing. Either stick with subjective opinion, outsource the noise level testing to someone who can do it properly, or be prepared to invest in the proper tools and chamber to do it in. SPCR does fairly good drive reviews these days, with proper sound measurements, you could consider maybe teaming up with them on drive reviews? I'm also interested in another aspect of drive testing: RAID COMPATABILITY. this one is very important for us server nuts, because not all harddrives play nice with RAID controllers or linux swraid.
  12. You could look into getting an Asus -WS board, like the P5Q-WS or something similar with a cheap cpu and ram to get the data off the raid array?
  13. Wibla

    Storage Review Site Update

    I, for one, welcome our new SR overlords Would be nice to get reviews again, and also I'd like to ask for an urgent update of the reliability database, there's basically HEAPS of drive models missing at the moment...
  14. Wibla

    Oldest drive still in use

    WD300 30GB 5400rpm drive from god knows when in my old fileserver, a case of "using what we've got available" during the build process... still works fine tho, thats the kicker.
  15. Wibla

    4port SATA PCI-e cards are out!

    As I already explained on irc, the XOR engine in the older 95xx series cards are not fast enough to do much above 100-120MB/s write in raid5. The newer series (96xx) has remedied alot of that... 9550SX should be doing atleast closer to 200MB/s write tho.. probably configuration error