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  1. Here is my main question: Can you take the drive out of an external Maxtor Personal Storage 3100, and then put the drive into a generic enclosure? Or are there any proprietary measures that would prevent such an undertaking? I don't actually have the drive in my possession right now, or I would investigate. If you're interested in helping me diagnose the actual problem with the 3100, read on: I'm working on a defunct Home PC for a friend. Wanted to transfer his main drive data to his external--a Maxtor Personal Storage 3100 USB 80gb. When I hooked up his external to my computer (XP) I got a message: "USB device not recognized". Which is basically to say that it did recognize that it was there (device listed in device manager), but that the drive wasn't funcitonal. I went to the Maxtor site and found some rather wierd troubleshooting info: "do you have the drive plugged into a power strip? If so, try plugging straight into the wall outlet?" Well I did so, and then my computer immediately recognized it. I was then able to copy the data from his main drive (removed from his PC and then jacked to mine) onto this maxtor. Well, he picked up the maxtor drive today and when he gets home he calls me to tell me that his computer won't recognize the drive. Exact same bubble message I got. He proceeds to tell me that he's never had the problem before. I tell him about the weird maxtor troubleshooting advice, he follows it, but it doesn't work for him. He is unable to get the computer to recognize the drive. We are both on XP. I am confident this in not a driver issue. Anybody else out there have such a problem? I'm thinking that the enclosure itself has become faulty. I do not think it is the actual drive. Hence the first question: Can it be removed and installed in a generic enclosure? Thanks Mark