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  1. You do realise, that the people having problems in this thread are talking about the YS(RAID Edition2) drives don't you ?
  2. Here's the reply I got from WD. Dear Mr *******, Thank you for supporting Western Digital. There are no known issues related to this controller and the WD5000YS hard drives. Our only suggestion would be to try another brand of RAID controller to see if this resolves the issue. Should you have other enquiries, you are welcome to call or email us again. ----------------- Hi *******, Thank you for your reply. Please test the drives on a controller other than Promise. -------------------------- And here's what Promise Support said - Note I haven't had any issues with my WD4000KD's in a RAID5 array on this card and other drives whatsoever. -------------------------- ******, The western digital YS series of drives are problematic as far as any I/O goes, and faulty as far speed goes. Please swap out the drives to prevent future drive failure. As far as replacement drives please consider Seagate drives, they are the best as far as reliability go. If you have any further questions, feel free to cc us here at ***@promise.com. Your configuration setup appears to be perfectly fine.
  3. Ive got the same situation, just purchased 5 x 5000YS drives and running in Raid5, 128KB stripe/4k sector size/4k ntfs and getting around 59/60mbs average read/write speeds. My controller is a Promise EX-8450.
  4. Im having trouble getting both my nF4 NVRaid 0 Array and Promise EX8350 working together. Basically if I have no devices on the card, the pc boots fine from the NVRaid, but as soon as I put a hard drive on the EX8350, the NVRaid fails to boot. I have the latest Firmware/BIOS/Drivers/Webpam Product Name SuperTrak EX8350 BIOS Version Firmware Version Driver Version I have disabled the Sil3114 controller also. My motherboard is a DFI LanParty uT nF4 SLi-DR 'Venus'.
  5. endo

    Raptor 36g 00FLC0

    This is good news, where/how did you find it supported TCQ ? It would be interesting now to see an updated benchmark of the 36gb and 74gb raptors, do you think anyone could arrange this ?