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    Things that will damage SSD

    The link from intelstudios doesn't work.
  2. Thanks all for replying . I will propably buy the WD 80GB JB.
  3. Which of the two do you recommend? I have read that older Hitachi/IBM models had serious reliability problems. Is this true with the new models?
  4. Hi, this is my first post here.I intend to buy an 80gb ATA drive. My system is not very fast (Athlon XP 2100, 512MB and a maxtor diamond diamondmax plus 8 40GB. The use of hard disk is mostly for exctracting big rar file and iso images.I was looking for seagate 7200.9 but to my surprise in this page,,4,00.html they dont have a 80 GB ATA hard drive with 8mb buffer!!! It is very strange that although the 7200.7 series had the 8mb buffer, the 80gb model has only 2! I will propably buy a WD or hitachi