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  1. HMTK

    When did Eugene and company sell out?

    Apology to China? Oh, the good old days. There was also a thread a few years ago where some weird fellow who was in love with his Pentium Pro's well into the PIII era.
  2. HMTK

    Gay soldiers - watch your back!

    Gays marrying doesn't bother me. At least a civil marriage (or how do you call it in English? civic?). A civil marriage is for the state and should be the right of everyone, gay or straight. You can't force a religious organization to allow of such things as the context is quite different. Anyway, marriage is a personal thing that doesn't really have impact on other people. Adoption OTOH is. I like to think myself as fairly liberal (in the European sense) on this issue but I'm a firm believer that children should grow up in as normal a family as possible. It's bound to be more difficult to grow up as an adopted child and there's no reason to make it more difficult. Lesbians of course have it easier as the can get pregnant* where gays cannot but... too bad. Sometimes nature is just plain right!
  3. HMTK

    Gay soldiers - watch your back!

    I don't know why gays would demand preferential treatment. Then again, they did demand the right to adopt children here in Belgium and for some reason they got it. So I guess you might not be completely wrong with your fears.
  4. HMTK

    Gay soldiers - watch your back!

    pico, I don't know how not to make this sound like an insult but your attitude is idiotic and typical military macho bullshit. Or something Victorian, I don't know. Apartheid maybe? Again, I don't mean to insult you or people who think like you but I'd hate my country to be defended by your kind.
  5. General John Sheehan managed to make himself be the laughing stock of most of the civilized world. Any comments on this idiot?
  6. Just restore your most recent backup on a new array.
  7. Doesn't a 45 have poor penetration?
  8. If there's some sensitive data on them, I physically destroy them. 1. data cannot be recovered 2. it's fun! Tools: 1. hammer 2. drill 3. gravity 4. any combination of 1, 2 and 3 If the drive is useful in some way, I reuse it but sadly enough hard drives are so cheap these days that only fairly recent drives are worth reusing.
  9. HMTK

    My children's future is ruined.

    I rarely use anything but IE8 these days... FF 3.x aren't any better than IE8 IMO. If there is a site that doesn't work in IE8 (HP Carepacks!!) I use Chrome. FF is on my pc because I haven't uninstalled it yet. From a professional point of view IE is also a lot easier to manage.
  10. If you want to type fast, you need to feel the keys. Speech based input would not be nice in an office with more than a few people. A cacophony would make concentration difficult. The way to go is a Direct Neural Interface - think cyberpunk Or keep on using ye goode olde keyboarde.
  11. I carry my laptop around from customer to customer so I don't have an external screen. Oh how I lived my R61 with 1400 x 1050 resolution which was about perfect for a 15" screen. About the only time I use 2 windows side by side is when I have 2 Windows Explorer windows open to move, copy or compare stuff. Hell, I can only hope someone comes to their senses and start selling laptops with decent screens again. happy fellowing salesmen...
  12. Widescreens for work computers should be banned due to ergonomics. Period.
  13. I don't want second hand but new. Can't understand why everyone went widescreen. 666 Thanks :-)