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  1. Slightly OT, but why on earth overclock? Esp with an expensive machine. Getting the best consumer processor + video card should be enough, IMNSHO.
  2. vlad

    Raid noob needs help

    Can you be a bit more specific about your needs? You mention RAID 0 because you want to make things faster. How fast, and for what? Also, what is your budget (yes, I got the point that you don't want to spend much )?
  3. I'm actually leaning toward this option. I just can't resist SCSI. Specially that I already have a SCSI controller ready. What about an SSD sure, it's small, but with small files it really kicks ass.
  4. Lest you RAID 0 them
  5. Well, a journalized FS usually causes more writes per transaction than a non-journalized one, so the lifetime of the media may be shorter.
  6. vlad

    Constant load hesitation

    Could also be a sign that it's high time to re-install windoze (or re-image the drive).
  7. vlad

    Power Supply / Video Card

    Well, yeah, but it's considerably more expensive (550 + vs ~300). So I'll probably just get a GTS. Any recommendation for a manufacturer? I'm thinking evga.
  8. vlad

    Power Supply / Video Card

    Any thoughts on 8800 vs 7900?
  9. vlad

    Power Supply / Video Card

    Thanks a lot! The reason for a beefed-up card is that I want to play 3D PC games on 1920 x 1080. I figured that an 8800 is probably necessary. Are you saying that a 7900 could perhaps be good enough for the task?
  10. Hi, I'm getting a 1080p HDTV, so I'm gonna buy an Nvidia 8800 GTS 320MB from EVGA to replace my old 6600. My current setup is: Core 2 Duo 6600/Intel D975XBX2 Mobo/gigabyte 6600 nvidia card/1 160G Samsung HDD/460 W Zalman power supply. My question is: is the power supply gonna be enough for an 8800? On the EVGA website they only say: minimum 400W, 28A on the 12V line. The current power supply can pump out that many watts on the 12V lines, when taken together ... I'm not sure if that's enough though. A Zalman 600W power supply can pump more total amps on the 12V lines, but not much more on a single one (18A vs 16A). According to my ups, the current config consumes at full load @200W ... So I feel like I should have the spare capacity. Any thoughts? I guess I don't mind also buying a 600W Zalman power supply, but I wouldn't want to waste the money if the current setup sufficies.
  11. vlad

    Silent filesystem corruption

    Here's a suggestion - could you run a memory checker for your main DRAM (memtest86)? It's unlikely that this is it, but it's relatively easy to do, and can eliminate one possibility. As for Areca's on-board memory - don't know how to test that ... Vlad
  12. vlad

    PSU Recommendations, please!

    Startup issues? I have the feeling that your PSU simply can't handle well 8 drives starting at the same time. Mind you, the startup current can be considerably larger than the normal utilization current (IIUC it's an issue with electrical motors). That's why RAID systems that can take more than 8 drives generally support staggered spin-up. If your system supports staggered spin-up, I'd try it out.
  13. What about noise? I had a 10K Fujitsu MAN once, at it had a high-pitch whine that was quite annoying.
  14. Let me second Brad.B on this one. The reason a faster DRAM doesn't translate linearly into performance is simple - not all memory-accessing instructions actually go all the way to DRAM. That may sound nonsensical, yes, but the reason is simple: caches. Most loads and stores actually get resolved into the L1 and L2 cache (a Core 2 Duo has about 4MB of L2 cache ... that can accomodate most applications' working set quite easily). BTW, a load that hits into L1 has a latency of about 4-5 cycles. If it misses into the L1, but hits in the L2, the latency is around 10->20 cycles. Finally, if it misses all the way to memory (i.e., DRAM), the latency is around 200->400 cycles (!!!).