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    Back to the original question of how to get the snappiest possible response times... The answer depends on what the bottleneck in your system is. You will get the best answers if you post a description of your hardware and operating system. Personally, I would be very surprised if it is your disk. For most people, the best way to improve response times is to increase the amount of memory on the system up to 4GB and also using faster memory with less latency. Increasing the amount of memory on the system speeds *everything* up, including (surprisingly enough) level load times. When you load a level, your computer reads a lot of data from the disk and then has to find somewhere to save the data already in memory, which means it has to write to disk at the same time. More memory means less swapping means faster response. Some other things that can help are running more than one cpu, getting a faster disk, getting a faster network connection, and upgrading your operating system. If you run more than one disk-intensive processes at the same time, you will get a big speedup from using scsi disks instead of pata/sata disks, although that can be frightfully expensive. Without knowing more, I'd recommend that you load up your system with memory. You won't be disappointed.