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  1. I've running 8 * 500 GB of them in my fileserver, this kicks ass.... they're running now for two months without any problems... cheers
  2. Okay thanks I'll test the drives in our test environment. Hopefully storport will pass the test's Cheers! commy
  3. Hi! Thanks for your reply! Yes the storport driver from Areca is beta. But anyway someone know why? What Do you mean with "bsods" ? Someone other got any idea about this driver problem? THANKS! commy
  4. Heyho! I have a decision problem with the driver for our Windows 2003 x64 Server Enterprise Edition. Areca offers two drivers for that system. SCSIPORT and STORPORT(beta) Areca recommends the SCSIPORT driver and Microsoft writes following in their STORPORT documentation: So I want to choose the STORPORT driver because its faster? I don't know why Areca recommends SCSI and Microsoft the STOR driver. Anyone has an idea for me? THANKS! Cheers, commy
  5. commy

    Three questions...

    Hmmm... I have this from my Raid Controller manufacturer: The 32-bit versions operating systems have a maximum limitation of 2 TB per volume set. 64-bit versions remove this limitation, so if you are building large warehouses, you should consider 64-bit versions. (This is from the manual of the RAID Card!) Regards
  6. commy

    Three questions...

    I have one last question ) it would be great if someone could help me =) 32-Bit systems have a limitation of 2 TB per Volume but I heard that 64-Bit operating systems have no limitation, is this correct? Thanks!!
  7. Thats not easy, because I'am planning too to buy three of these monsters. Can't decide because with Hitachi you must set the standard settings to SATA II if you want to using this mode... anyone know if this is correct? Thanks
  8. commy

    Three questions...

    Many thanks for answering these questions !!!
  9. I think: Hitachi for single/home PC Seagate for fileserver Like tested here on
  10. Hi guys!! I have three questions for you, I hope someone could help me out finding the right answers It would be great if someone could help me Okay lets go: 1. Whats the fastest IDE Harddisk on the market with about 20-50 GB. I think its the Western Digital Caviar SE WD400JB (Special Edition) with 40GB / 7200 upm / 8 MB Cache and 8.9 ms I need a fast bootdisk 2. Anybody heard about the LBA 64-Bit mode? Someone where to find informations about this mode or could explain it to me? 3. In Windows 2003 Server you can create a "GPT Disk" in the Volumemanager but I dont know what this is a GPT Disk? Someone might have informations about this? This would be very nice and sorry for my bad english =) Thanks!!! Cheers, Josh