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    most reliable hard drive?

    I wonder if Newegg packs different manufacturers drives differently. Last time (granted this was years and years ago) I ordered a hard drive from them it came wrapped in bubble wrap inside a much too large box with a deficient amount of peanuts. The drive had shifted to the edge of the box and the box itself was banged up horribly. Since then that is one piece of hardware I do not order from them. Take a look at how drives are packaged from the manufacturers themselves: Drives are well packed in materials which prevent them from moving relative to the box and offer a lot of cushioning. They are sensitive pieces of equipment and generally to not include high non-op shock ratings. Has anyone taken pictures of their drives as they arrive from newegg? How are they packaged? Are they in ESD bags and bubble wrap, or something more elaborate? Free
  2. Been a while since I've been around but thought I'd chime in a little. It is interesting that this drive is identified as a 4K sector drive on one set of tools yet a 512 byte sector drive on another. Any chance you have a utility to display the identify device data in word order? Word 106 decimal if set to 0x4000 would indicate a drive which explicitly indicates 512 byte physical and logical sectors. I wonder if some tools out there are misinterpreting the data returned and calling a 512 byte sector drive a 4k byte sector one. Oh if word 106 is 0x0000 then the drive doesn't support sector size reporting which also means 512 byte sectors. Free
  3. freeborn

    SATA 2.5" and 3.5"

    The connectors are identical. 2.5" and 3.5" SATA have the same connectors. Free
  4. freeborn

    Poor Raid 5 preformance / Please Help

    On the topic of IDE cables, make sure the blue connector of your 80 conductor cable is attached to the host controller and the black connector attached to your hard drive. If you attach it backwards with the blue connector attached to the hard drive the host controller will not sense an 80 conductor cable and is supposed to (if it complies with the ATA specification) limit your transfer mode to UDMA mode 2. Also the cables cannot be longer than 18 inches if you wish to stay in compliance with the ATA specification. Free
  5. freeborn

    Seagate 7200.9 users look here

    Many drives no longer have that hole. Take a look at current shipping hard drives, many ( like the 7200.9 ) use media which was written prior to being installed in the final drive. Free
  6. freeborn

    Drive failure in an enclosure

    Anything is possible. Did you check the drive temperature in the enclosure? Older drives may well need more cooling than the enclosure could provide. Free
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    How big is your array?

    I'm not sure, I will try to remember to count tonight. Free
  8. freeborn

    How big is your array?

    At present I have three 2 TB Arrays set up for a total of 6 base 10 terrabytes on my home server. All of my original software images are on it. I have about 1.33TB of DVD movie images on it. 500G of High Definition content streams. All of my digital photos and what home movies I've gathered are also on it. A small amount is taken up by downloaded patches and demo software. Last I checked I have about 3TB remaining to fill up. Free
  9. More to the point, may I use your American Express? Free
  10. freeborn

    Installing larger drives on RAID 1

    In the event the 7000 uses a proprietary drive format, I'd recommend borrowing an external drive, backing up to it from the 40G drives then building the 80GB RAID 1 set from scratch and restore the backup to the 80G set. Free
  11. freeborn

    When will Optical Drives go SATA?

    If I had to hazard a guess I would put it at about six months after the PATA header is removed from motherboards. Free
  12. I should expand a bit more. If what you are looking for is support for Native Command Queuing, you will need an ICH-6R or ICH-7R. The 6R supports queuing but only supports 1.5 Gbps SATA signaling. The ICH-7R supports queuing and 3.0 Gbps SATA signaling. If all you want is 3.0 Gbps SATA signaling, the ICH-7 will meet your needs but it does not support queuing. Free
  13. Following the link you provided, clicking components, then motherboard, then specifications link for the motherboard I see the motherboard has an ICH-6 SATA controller. In the Intel world you need and ICH-7 or later to support SATA 2. Free
  14. freeborn

    can a reset damage an hardisk ?

    That's simply paranoia. Hard or Soft resets can do nothing to damage a hard drive. Data corruption if it comes will be a result of interupting the operating system before it finishes sending data to the drive (anything in the operating system cache will likely be lost). Any data already sent to the drive will be safe. Free
  15. I'm a bit lazy and didn't check if the drive's you listed are all covered but you should check out the SR main page link to the 250G Hard Drive lineup. SR's 250G Lineup Free
  16. freeborn

    Nvidia NForce Driver Woes

    I don't know if this will help or not but I was having problems with Nvidia's video driver recently so downloaded their beta driver. With the beta driver I'm not having the IRQL less than or equal blue screen messages. Perhaps trying an earlier revision of the forceware driver or a beta version may solve your problem. Free
  17. freeborn

    Greater than 512 byte sectors?

    If you head out to and download the mailings ( would be a good choice) you will see some proposals before the committee to accomodate larger physical sector sizes. If implemented it will lead to much more powerful ECC and a large leap forward in format efficiency. Performance will be fine if the host sends commands which are aligned to the drive, without requesting the logical half, quarter, or whatever piece of any given physical sector but degraded if there are requests to write data which is out of alignment (for instance an entire file out of alignment would require 2 read modify writes to store, one at the beginning and one at the end). If host software is written to keep reads and writes aligned to the drives layout, performance will be good. Free
  18. freeborn

    Are 36 inch ide cables reliable?

    Keoh, Assuming the host controller in your system is working as it should, reversing the cable will function but you will be limiting the speed of any device on that cable to UDMA mode 2 (33MB/s) you can run at this low speed over very long cables. With your setup try running a benchmark which will report burst rate. I expect your measured burst rate will be in the high 20s. Free
  19. I'm running a little under 6TB on my house server spread over 3 RAID 5 arrays with a cluge of parts. 2 3-Ware controllers (a 7500-12 SATA and whatever the PATA 8 port card in the 7000 series was called) and an old PIII based Dell server board. The system is running Windows Server 2003 with all the latest patches. I have moved almost my entire DVD collection onto the house server and routinely watch them with a home built small form factor PC running XP Pro and WinDVD Platinum v 7. I move the system between my room for gaming and my media room for movies. I have no problem streaming the DVDs across a 10/100 connection. No stutters, no audio gaps. Once I figure out what hardware I need I intend to start recording HDTV to the server but I'm not there yet. My gaming / media system is: Shuttle XPC SN26 eVGA 7800 GTX 256-P2-n529 Athlon X2 4400+ 2gig Mushkin eXtreme performance DDR-500 I've been loving this for the last several months. Free
  20. freeborn


    the Highpoint PCI card does support hot swapping. Check with the motherboard documentation whether its controllers do. Also, the Highpoint eSATA kit uses a proprietory cable design. The external socket(s) on the RocketRaid PCI card are designed for that cable. You will need some kind of adaptor to convert the onboard SATA sockets into HighPoint eSATA sockets on the rear of the PC. The only adapter I have seen just put normal SATA sockets on the back of the PC, I have not seen one which converts SATA into HighPoint eSATA sockets. Remember HighPoint want to sell controller cards! If I were you I would forget using the onboard sockets on your new motherboard and keep the PCI card installed on your new motherboard for your eSATA needs. For what it's worth I have a Shuttle XPC SD31P system I use for testing at my desk. It has an eSATA connector on the back which boasts hot plug capability. It is not hardware compatible with standard SATA cables though and I haven't gotten an eSATA cable and enclosure to test it with. Free
  21. freeborn

    Any news on 600GB harddiscs?

    That's a likely scenario, but I feel once we get to ~1 TB per 3.5" platter we'll have reached the limits of magnetic mechanical storage. Of course by then solid-state disks will be well on the way to approaching mechanical storage in terms of cost per GB and overall capacity so it may be moot. Like everything else we've seen in the semiconductor industry, solid-state memory is ready to make an exponential growth in the next few years. I've also heard that home video is what will probably trigger the next increase in demand for capacity. However, I feel mechanical disks will ultimately not be able to meet this coming demand for single disks in the tens of TB range. SSDs on the other hand can once we've settled on a suitable non-volatile memory architecture (current flash RAM probably won't cut it for various reasons). Lol, Solid state has been expected to replace mechanical storage for a long, long time. The amazing thing is that these antique mechanical storage systems continue finding novel ways of keeping ahead of solid state and remaining a better bang for the buck over the course of time. Free
  22. Good luck with that. Information of that type is generally locked down behind non-disclosure agreements and such. Free
  23. There is nothing quite as satisfying as placing a drive in a 3 ton hydralic press. Ballistic testing is always fun too of course. Free
  24. freeborn

    Upgrading Processor on a Laptop

    Was your notebook designed for processor changes? All notebooks I've seen have the processor soldered securely to the motherboard and would be exceptionally difficult for an individual to replace. I expect you would need something like a wave solder machine to put a processer on and I don't know what to remove the old processor. Free
  25. what are you talking about? do we have pictures of these "Earth magnets"? For details on the magnets used in drives, I recommend Googling "rare earth magnet". Today the third returned hit looks promissing. Free