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  1. i am really confused about this drive based on reviews. it seems most reviews i read have been postive except in SR. most reviewers in newegg have it 5 eggs also. i just purchased this drive last week cuz it was on sale from newegg. i dunno if it'll die on me but i'm using it basically as a slave drive to temp hold video files for viewing so it's not important. but for most people who've had it. what's the performace and reliability? i don't care about noise since the external enclosure position will be near my tv so i won't hear it. and as for warranty, how's seagate's response when you had to exchange it for a replacement?
  2. LiK

    Fave HDD Manufacturer?

    cool, thanks to everyone (except for one member) who actually answered my question. helps me a lot. arigatou
  3. hey guys, new here. i'm currently looking into buying some new sata hard drives but i'm not sure which company i should go for. what company's hard drives do YOU guys recommend. what's in your machines right now? i already read SR's reviews but i'd like to know what you guys like to stick with. i'm looking purely for reliability since i would like my drives to last long and not die on me. any information will help. i just need a second opinion. thanks in advance.