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  1. I have read that you can connect any SATA drive into these devices. Would be interesting if StorageReview tested that.
  2. shompa

    Storage Review Site Update

    Good luck. I really enjoy and appreciate this site. Many of the posters on this board have very good expertise on storage. It gives me great ideas that I use at my work instead of listening to Sun and their techno babbel. BTW.. Sun is funny. Buy storage for 200K dollar and get a free Sun jacket.
  3. shompa

    Seagate 250G External Drive and Mac

    Open disktool. The disk is probably formated in NTFS by the drive manufacter. If you format it as a macdrive, you can't read it on a windows machine. You need an extra program called: macdrive Since I use Mac as my main machine, that is how I do. There are some other ways, but I can't recommend them. /S
  4. shompa

    the holy grail: quiet And fast

    If you want quiet and fast: use 2.5 inch drives. They have excellent performance beacuse the high density on the drives. Put 2 160gigs drives in a stripe = excellent. Power consumtion on a 2.5 inch drive is really low. Idle about 1 watt and active 7-8watt. That is much less to cool then those noisy 3.5 drives. 3.5 drives are only if you need massive space (ie more then 500 gig) and if you don't want to pay the pricepremium for 2.5 discs. ///Kind regards
  5. shompa

    raptor sata

    Either the HDD is having problems, or you have a software issue. Raptors (and all HDDs for that matter) don't often fail in the manner that you are describing. Dumb question. When was the last time you ran a virus scan and spyware detector? 36 gig platter Raptor is not faster than a 100-160 gig single platter 7200 drive. Densety is better then 10000RPM. If your disc is more then 80% full, it will be a lot slower. Check for spyware. If you have a mac/*nix. You cant have it. Spyware slows down everything. If there are faulty sectors, the drive needs to remapp them = slower. Check smart status on the drive. Speedfan is a good program to see SMART status. ///Kind regards
  6. shompa

    Would you build a single core pc today?

    CS source doesn't really benefit much from dual core processors .... a High end single core A64 will make a fine base for a machine to run not only CS:Source, but basicly any game. I dont understand people who buys PC. If you whant to do anything beside gaming, a mac is better. A mac mini is under 500 dollars and have dual core processors. And mac now runds windows. Macs are simpler, dont have viruses and have far the best video/audio software. Do not support virus makers = do not use windows.
  7. Thanks. A great Idea. I have a 150 gig raptor from my old G5. Will use the extra SATA for it. Darn.. Boot Raptor and a 750x4 stripe
  8. I also do a lot of Unrar-par stuff on the disks. Usually download 70gig data, everyday. Need to parcheck and unrar it. I can have over 1000 I/O second. The IO takes 35-40% of the CPU cykles on my old G5. Also burning DVD-R at 8-16 speed. From the same disk filesystem? The macpro has 4 internal Harddrive bays + 2 SATA ports that you can use for external SATA. 2 IDE. One for DVD-R and one more idehard drive. 2 Firewire 400 2 Firewire 800. (My old Powermac G5 had 7 internal disks. (a G5 jam, that is 2 more disks in the PCI bay) and Drive Brackets 3 more drives in the bottom of the computer)
  9. Hello all. I will get my new MacPro 13 september. I am thinking about the disk configuration. Use the computer for large Itunes database (50K+ tunes), Final Cut pro, Torrents, NNTP news, converting video. Most of these tasks take a lot of IO. To minimize that, it will have 5 gig memory (at least) Should I stripe 3 seagate 750gig drives? Or should i have separate drives? One for NNTP, One for video, on for ITunes? I usullay run NNTP/Torrents 24/7 TIA
  10. shompa

    Uncompressed Video Editting

    1) Get a mac. If you want to do video editing, you should use Final Cut Pro. Also have a real filesystem instead of NTFS. You need to defrag your PC almost every day + loose 10%+ in virus protection. Real OSes don't have viruses, since they don't have root rights. 2) You need real, real fast drives to have uncompressed video. We are talking at least minimum 20 megabyte write/read. You need to keep the drives relative empty. When drives are more then 50% full, you start to see less performence. 4)A simple 4 drive 320gig seagate 7200.10 could be ok. Mirror + stripe. You have then 300 gig+ for video editing. About for one movie. Render it. Put it out on HD-DVD (you can in DVDStudioPro) and start the next videoprojekt.
  11. if you just want to connect a drive to the G4: Use an enclosuse that have USB2 and/or Firewire. Usually use these enclosures PATA internal, but there are SATA enclosures avalible. Since there is no performance difference between SATA and PATA, just go for the PATA. Firewire is far superiour over USB2. You have 400mbit unshared bandwitch with firewire. If you want a real small disk: take a look at a 2.5 inch disk. Seagate have a 160 gig. The enclosure for 2.5 disks are buspowered = you dont need a powersuply. ///Kind regards Mau
  12. a bit off topic: my first seagate perpendicular disk, the seagate 160 gig momentus, died after 4 weeks.
  13. shompa

    Video capture card -- advice needed.

    The best sollution is a Mac and a EyeTV 200. I have used ditial media to transfer tapes to digital since 1997. Have been using PCs and Macs. The macs are GREAT video editing and grabbing solution. You even get the most simple program to use making DVDs: IDVD free with the system If you whant to make studio quality DVDs or even make HD-DVDs, you have DVD studio pro. A more cheaper way is to use a firewire videocamera. Most of them support Pass Throu. Plug in a video into the camera, and the camera converts it to DV, that is transfered to the PC/Mac. This is not meant as a flame war, but the Mac is miles ahead in the video editing / grabbing area. It works and its real, real simple. /S
  14. shompa

    Any news on 600GB harddiscs?

    Since Hitachi has a 5 platter design, they should be able to make a 600+ gb drive. 5x125 gig = 625 gig or if they use Seagates 166 gigs platters 5x166gig = 830 gig Let's hope that Hitachi bump areal density on their drives.
  15. A bit of topic. For video editing you should really use a Mac, since the best software for that is Final Cut pro. You can TODAY make HD-DVDs in DVD studio pro. This is the same program that the most DVD companies use for making DVDs. When you do videoediting, you need a lot off different disks. Disk for scratch, audio, video, autorendering and so on. If you want to use uncompressed video, you really need something like 6x500gig stipe set to work from. So. First. Buy a powermac. The four processor powermac is the fastest PC there is for videoediting. Buy a PCI-E SATA card and hook on external SATA disks. I have in my powermac 6 internal disks, 4 external SATA and 3 firewire. The videografic card is not that importent in Windows, but if you have a mac, the whole windows system is 3D and accelerated in the card. At least a Nvidia 7800 should you have. Also for HD: You need a real display. I use the Apple Cinema HD. 2580x1600. On the new powermac you can put in 4 dual link DVI grafic card and connect 8 of these. (and yes. The Powersupply is 1000watt on the P-mac) I have been working with videoedition since 1997. I switched from PC to Mac 2002, when Apple got a "real" os. You should consider it. Sorry for shaky ABBA-enlish. Live in Sweden