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  1. I've seen this model pop up several times in the past couple weeks in the $120 range, which makes it the cheapest 3TB drive around right now. It's good to see drive prices finally dropping down to (past) where they were over a year ago.
  2. I'm not certain, but it appears that it can only be installed on their ReadyNAS productions, which unfortunately pushes it out of my price range. Still not a bad price for this type of product though.
  3. I'm looking to build a small 1 drive system to place at a family member's home for offsite backups. It will be idling 90% of the time, so it should be able to idle at a very low power. I want to be able to remote to it and potentially run programs on it, so I'll probably be using Windows. I like the idea of being able to easily seed my data, and to be able to drive across town to get it if I need to restore a large amount of data, which is why I'm not going with a cloud backup solution. I also don't want to depend on getting around to move drives around regularly, which is why I'm not interested in just swapping drives back and forth.
  4. Atamido

    NAS or Media Server?

    I think perhaps I'm not communicating well what the backup does. I haven't seen a NAS unit that does anything close to the system backups that WHS does for your desktops/laptops scattered around your environment. Heck, most enterprise backup software won't even do it, or requires expensive add-on modules. WHS costs $100, and at that price it's a steal. It certainly isn't the best solution for file storage, but for 10 systems or less you won't find a better backup solution.
  5. Atamido

    NAS or Media Server?

    I went with Windows Home Server for two reasons: 1. It has an incredible backup system for the rest of your household PCs, featuring multilevel deduplicated backups, file level restore through Explorer, and simple bare metal restores for your PCs. 2. I wanted to be able to run Windows programs on it that I wanted running 24/7 without having to create load on my PC. If neither of those are an issue for you, then a NAS is probably the ideal solution.
  6. I ended up picking up a $150 netbook from a Black Friday deal, and then two $90 3TB USB drives during the Costco deal a few weeks back. I don't need a RAID array as it's just a backup, and my upload speed is not high enough for the performance of the netbook or drives to matter. And with the battery in the netbook, I don't need a battery backup for it. The drives might lose power, but in my limited experience USB drives tend to handle sudden disconnection pretty well. I'm thinking I'll use CrashPlan for the backups as it's free for personal use to/from your own hardware.
  7. Why is there such an obsession with external drives? I picked up some external WD 3TB drives from Costco for $90 each, but I haven't been able to find internal 3TB drives for anywhere near that price. On the topic of this external drive is that it does some weird translations so that the formatting while inside the enclosure isn't compatible with it outside the enclosure. So if the encloser dies, I lose all of my data...
  8. I want the ability to run other stuff on the same system. Most of the time it'll just be backups, but every now and again I'd like to be able to remote to it. I'd also like to be able to repurpose it if I move on to something else.
  9. Ah, but that wouldn't allow me to run Windows. I'm looking for cheap, low power, runs Windows, 1 or more drives.
  10. I imagine that reading platters at the slower speed is much easier, reducing the required quality levels. It's possible that platters with some defect making it impractical to use at 7200 could be re-purposed into a green drive.
  11. Atamido

    Raid Controller/Drive Recommendation

    The relevant article Petabytes on a Budget v2.0: Revealing More Secrets So according to Backblaze, that consumer Hitachi drive is more reliable in a RAID than an Enterprise Western Digital. Considering their business, that's a pretty good endorsement.
  12. Looks to be $500. I guess if you need that much capability out of a two drive system it might be worth it.
  13. I see a BSOD maybe every two weeks. Mostly when bringing my laptop out of sleep, but I've had it blue screen sitting there using it. I look forward to seeing if this fixes things finally.
  14. I'm looking to boost responsiveness on my work laptop, and having already maxed out the RAM, I'm looking to drop in an SSD. I'm thinking ~120GB and <$300 USD (hopefully <$200). The corporate standards require "Check Point Full Disk Encryption" software be installed, so the compression algorithms in the SandForce SF-2281 (DuraWrite) will be pretty useless. Most of the time I'm just running a bunch of regular productivity apps simultaneously like Outlook, Firefox (with a million tabs), etc. Sometimes I'll run a VM, or extract out a Zip file with 50,000 files. It doesn't need to be the king of speed, but I am upgrading for a reason. Reliability is pretty paramount here.
  15. Atamido

    Need SSD Suggestion

    Okay, I just purchased the Vertex 3 120GB. Came across a NE deal where it was about $5 more than the Agility 3 120GB, so I figured why not.
  16. Atamido

    Need SSD Suggestion

    It's an HP EliteBook 8540p which has an Intel QM57 Express chipset, so it only supports SATAII. I should clarify that I was not discounting the SF-2281, merely pointing out that it wouldn't have the extra speed benefit of compression.
  17. Atamido

    looking for recommendation

    I would have reversed those, although I suppose it depends on what you value the most. WHS has deduplicated PC backups that allow you to restore individual files dragging and dropping from a Windows Explorer interface, or boot to a CD and perform a full restore to any backup with a few clicks. You can expand the array to dozens of drives, all of different sizes, just by plugging in the drive and selecting to add it to the array, and removing any drive is the reverse. It has a plugin system, and a public website to proxying remote desktop or serving all of your media. I do like the look of the Synology box, though.
  18. I'm happy with this hardware, which should get you 6TB for <$1000. It is a stand alone server though.
  19. Atamido

    HP giving up on WHS

    Honestly, a lot of NAS devices were on price parity with WHS. But WHS adds in automated backups for all PCs, and a remote desktop gateway to your PCs. I don't know why you'd be opposed to it simply because it's Windows, especially if the PCs are all running Windows. If small business doesn't need Active Directory, then I can't fathom why you wouldn't use WHS. It seems (or seemed) like a pretty ideal solution.
  20. You can't simply use two network connections to double your capacity. You need to set up bonding, and you need a network switch that supports it. Without more expensive equipment and fancy setups, the most you could do is set up a different IP address for each connection, and have two different computers access the NAS by the different IP addresses. Single file transfers would still be limited to 1Gbps.
  21. I was looking at a drive roundup over at Xbit Labs, and I noticed the startup power consumption numbers are quite a bit off from what Storage Review lists. For the WD 2TB Green drive, SR shows a total pull of 14W, while XL lists 21.5W. That would make quite a bit of difference for sizing a power supply for an array of the drives. Any idea where the discrepancy is?
  22. Atamido

    70TB DIY Build

    This might be the original page, with more pictures, however it appears to contain your typical NSFW Russian adds along the side.
  23. Atamido

    70TB DIY Build I count space for at least 56 drives (assuming two per slot), and you can see the 2TB marker on the drives from one of the shots, which would be 112GB raw. I guess some sort of RAID takes up a quarter of the space? One has to wonder why he didn't use a single larger fan on the top for exhaust. Certainly it would have been quieter and more efficient..
  24. Wow, that's terrible. Even the 2TB version has a jumper to turn the 512 byte emulation on and off.
  25. Atamido

    Alignment issues with Acronis

    The utility that WD ships with their 4k drives to align partitions proper is made by Acronis, so presumably that at least have an idea of how alignment should work.