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    AMD Geode NX Socket A processors.

    They are currently in great demand in Taiwan. My board is in PCB layout at the moment and will need extensive testing so I am afraid you'll have a bit of a wait.
  2. jonjayal

    AMD Geode NX Socket A processors.

    They are basically a Thoroughbred core Athlon XP. I have recently designed a motherboard based on one.
  3. I was thinking about the limited write cycles problem. I wondered whether maybe MS would write a kind of "Windows firmware" which rarely changed to the flash area so that it could benefit from the high speed access. Then the regularly changing files (like pagefile and registry) reside on the HDD. The only time the flash is written to is when MS release an OS update or patch. The kernel, for example, could reside in the flash for quicker boots. Any thoughts?
  4. jonjayal

    New Nvidia Card Anytime Soon?

  5. jonjayal

    New Nvidia Card Anytime Soon?

    ATI has the "Rialto" PCIe to AGP conversion chip
  6. jonjayal

    SCSI vs SATA

    I've got the Asus PC-DL and its been problem free with 2x2.5GHz SL6VL 533MHz FSB Intel Xeons
  7. jonjayal

    Seagate Firmware Update

    I'll have to hang another hard drive off the system with a windows install on it. Thanks for the help anyhow.
  8. jonjayal

    Seagate Firmware Update

    Go easy on me You said "actively" accessed and I thought you may mean like benchmarking the drive during firmware updating or something
  9. jonjayal

    Seagate Firmware Update

    Its not accessed heavily. Just windows standard "blips". When you say actively accessed do you mean heavy use or any use? Thanks again
  10. I've just got the firmware update for my 15K.3 and am about to do the update using Seatools. One thing has just occured to me - the 15K.3 is my windows/boot drive and so will almost certainly get accessed during the update operation at some stage by system processes. Is it ok to do the update or will I trash the disc?
  11. jonjayal

    Raptor Wd740 + 1 Gb Ram: Page File?

    Photoshop will swallow a lot of memory as soon as it loads so disabling the paging file may cause problems as there will be insufficient memory for the remaining services/programs to run in the background physical memory
  12. jonjayal

    Windows Xp Explorer Avi Slowdown

    I certainly have... Thanks for that one
  13. jonjayal

    Hitachi 10K SCSI Drive Information

    thanks for the help