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  1. All I know is that I spent about 3 days trying to get the card to perform at a decent speed and I had absolutely no luck. I paid $450 for the card and it surely wasn't acting on par with what I would expect for $450. I could never get past the 7 MB/sec write barrier on anything but the RAID 5 configuration. And, as I said, even the RAID 5 write performance was not anything to rave about. I debated on buying the Areca controller myself, but I think it's just too expensive. If it was maybe $500 for the 8 port card, I would consider it. But I think it's just too much money right now. It's cheaper to buy more hard drives and do frequent backups than spend $700 - $800 on a RAID card. Maybe the timing just isn't right for me to own a RAID card. I suppose I'll have to wait until PCI Express catches on more since I don't have any PCI-X slots nor ever will. Is it too much to ask for an affordable RAID 5 card that gives 120 MB/sec performance on writes or am I too demanding?? So, do you plan on keeping your Promise card??
  2. I bought the Promise EX8350 myself and promptly returned it (and was able to get a full refund). The chip on the card ran EXTREMELY hot; my temperature sensor read about 170-180 degrees. The performance I got on the card was dismal as well under Windows XP. I got about 7 MB/sec on RAID 0 and RAID 0+1 using 4 Maxtor 300GB SATA DiamondMax10 drives. Interestingly, RAID 5 was fastest at about 35 MB/sec if I can recall correctly. I was also unhappy that the controller BIOS would only let me create two logical drives on a physical hard drive set. That's too limiting. Now I am back to Fake RAID 0 on a NForce4 motherboard and get over 120 MB/sec, but have to resort to doing more frequent backups since I don't have H/W RAID 5.