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  1. if every component in your PC saves 2$, why not? the win is minimal, i think high end videocars and cpu are more suitable for saving more power
  2. catfish

    Non-Identical Drives on a Raid

    if the new drive is slower than the other drives, the RAID5 will become slower (faster has no impact) and the drive has to be equal size or bigger there shouldn't be problems otherwise
  3. catfish

    WD3200AAKS poor performance

    is the WD connected to the nForce SATA controller or do you use a pci(e) controller? did you install the nForce drivers?
  4. Yeah, having similar problems although i can't see your results (dead piclink?) but here are my results, pretty strange... Besides the dips, 21ms accesstime? Normal? the transfer rates look normal, but 21ms???
  5. catfish

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.8

    i've got the 300GB P-ATA version and after soms emailing i've found out it's NOT compatible with a Promise Ultra133TX2 controller, which i found strange it works perfect with my onboard controller, but that's only ATA66 the average seek times i get are 15.2ms (HD-Tach), not that good, but not as bad as some reviewers get i wanted the disk for storage, so i do not really care about the speed
  6. catfish

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.8

    it's very strange that the reviews are somewhat contradictory maybe it has issues whit some controllers or multiple firmwares are out there? i ordered one (P-ATA), so if all goes well i post some tests this weekend