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  1. Anyone managed to get the webpam software to work in Linux? I'm running Gentoo and the jetty server is up but I don't think it's opening up a port. I don't know how to configure this jetty server..
  2. I've considered Areca products but up here in Canada, its very hard to obtain even for me. I do have Areca's price list and the cost prices for the 8-port is the same as 3Ware's new 9xxx series. If I order from TekRam, there is a good chance there will be duty on the card. At the moment the Promise quietly humming away and I'm starting to like it more each day. As I've said before this array is just a toy for now, when I need it and I find the Promise not suitable for my needs, I'll just sell it and buy a Areca.
  3. For some reason the write speed in RAID5 is quite respectable now and what was the solution? You got me. Like I said before, the only thing that worries me is the inconsistancies with this card. I'm installing Gentoo Linux on the machine now and the drivers are ok as far as I can tell although they don't provide a kernel patch, only as a module so you can't really boot off this controller without using initrd, which is fine with me. I still plan on making backups even with this array because RAID doesn't mean the data is completely safe, just adds another level of redundancy. The controller is now capable of sustaining a 120MB/s write speed, mine does anywhere from 100 to 150MB/s. At this point in time, I'll probably keep it because its working but how reliable is this? I have no freakin idea. This array is just a toy at the moment as I have enough storage space across my network. If it shows decent performance in Linux, I'll probably keep it. I also need to test how well it does when it looses one drive. After Linux is installed and configured with Samba, I'll rip a drive out of the array to see how the controller handles the rebuild of the array. I'll update this thread as I go. On that note I believe the Promise guys are reading these threads.
  4. Mine ran pretty hot as well, but I think Promise designed it that way. the WebPAM software has a picture of the 8350 with a fan. I bet the card featured isn't a production card. Mine doesn't run hot anymore because I have a couple of 80mm fans blowing air over the two controllers. I'm not having anymore write Issues and the calls to Promise couldn't find the cause. I decided to recreate the RAID 5 array first, but after many attempts the problem remains. Today, I tried a RAID 10 with six drives and it had decent performance. I didn't write down any numbers though. I recreated the RAID 5 array and the problem magically disappeared.!..? The write speed is about 100-150MB/s now. This is what concerns me, its not consistant at all. I don't know if I should gamble or replace it with an Areca....
  5. I got EX8350 with 7 WD 200GBs in RAID5. I can't even get close to chrda's write speeds. It doesn't matter what benchmark I run, the write is always limited to 7mB/s. I'm running I'm trying this with Windows XP with a fully initialized array (took about 20hrs btw). Diskbench 1.5GB from an RAID1 array to Promise. Starting Create File Bench... Created file: F:\DiskBench1.bin Size: 1610612736 bytes Time: 224188 ms Transfer Rate: 6.851 MB/s Create File Bench ended I don't really need to post anymore benchmarks because it always seem to top out at 6.8mB regardless. Hm...