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  1. Thank you very much for your reply, Mighty_Miro_WD! I did take a hard look (by which I mean I compared benchmark tests) at my beloved WD Black. And a WD Blue SSHD, since it seems that a SSHD will often be even faster than a WD Black. But while WD is my preferred HDD manufacturer, I see that Seagate's SSHD (ST1000DX002) looks *much* faster than the (older) WD Blue SSHD (per benchmark testing), so regretfully I'm planning to buy one soon. I'll of course keep my eye on WD's future SSHD model releases!
  2. I'm touched by this offer too, Kevin, but I can swing $79 for a 1B Hybrid. And I'm really super-cautious/hesitant to ever put anything but a brand new sealed HDD into service (even though I back up religiously). I now see that not only is Seagate's aging SSHD faster than WD's Blue SSHD, but I see Seagate has a new July 2016 SSHD which is much faster than either, so I'm about to buy a SEAGATE drive (a shock for this WD-lover), a ST1000DX002, for the first time since 2008 (when the largest HDD one could buy was a ST31500341AS, one of which is has been in 24/7 service on the PC I'm typing on ever since). Maybe it's good WD discontinued the VelociRaptor; I recall now that when the hybrids first came out I thought it was a sweet idea.
  3. Ah, so I think I'm trying to choose between Western Digital's "Blue SSHD" and Black. Seems the Black is faster on all counts the Black is faster (and had a 5 to 3 year advantage in warranties). Surprising since I see people saying the SSHD's NAND should learn what files I use most...and that likely that would make it a faster boot drive. This is quite persuasive (using Seagate HDDs)... is a
  4. That's a very kind offer Kevin, but even though I'm in the US I think I should pass. I know that access time would be well worth it for booting. (Even if a mechanical HDD can max out the SATA2 transfer b/w.) ...But I just don't have the time (being disabled keeps me overly busy already) to do the non-AHCI SSD tweaks I've read about.
  5. Hi Kevin, thank you very much for your reply. It's a Compaq Presario SR1913WM with a dual core 2.4GHz (AMD Athlon 64 Dual Core 4800+ Toledo) CPU. "Funny" story; for a 64-bit OS, a Win8.1 requirement stranded this CPU on Win8.0. (So I'm using the 32-bit 8.1) FYI due to disability I can't afford a new machine.
  6. Seeking recommendation for the fastest mechanical hard drive, please (since my computer isn't new enough to support AHCI) to use as a boot drive (300 to 500GB capacity is all I need, since I use other drives for storage) I'm shaken to discover that WD no longer makes the Velociraptor (which I infer from that the only ones I can find of the most-recent 2012 model turn out to be used, or OEM [and OEM means zero WD warranty]). I'd prefer to buy Western Digital/Hitachi, and a 5-year warranty. Windows 8.1
  7. My installation is very complex. Installing the OS isn't the issue, it's installing the programs afterwards. And I have almost no time. I need to leave this pc WinXP until I finish installing Win7Pro on my other one. Oh, the OS install took a day. But troubleshooting program install issues has taken most of a year given that I have almost no time for it.
  8. Is there a jumper pin fix that might work on a Seagate SSHD? I got the STCL2000400 and it only has 4 pins. I tried formatting it on a Win7Pro computer but my WinXP still can't see it. I wonder what would happen it I restore a Norton Ghost image to it from a Ghost boot CD. I think I'll try that because in WinXP Ghost can see it (and the BIOS can see it) even though it doesn't appear anywhere including Device Manager. I think something's amiss with the WinXP installation, because WinXP on a Hiren's Boot CD can see the drive. I'm a bit hesitant to use a jumper fix, because googling told me that the drive wouldn't then work under Win7. But I figure I can copy the data off first (or later with Hiren's WinXP), or perhaps restorre it from a Ghost image.
  9. I'm afraid that by "my best" I may not find time to upgrade from XP for years. My other computer (which I've installed Win7 on but had no time to install programs on) is stuffed full of Black drives now, so I just ordered a Seagate Hyrbid for this XP one.
  10. Thank you very much for your reply, Zurazza! I'm doing my best to find time to upgrade this machine to Win8; I'm thrilled that you've validated my guess that my issue is with XP! I'll give that jumper tweak a try ASAP!
  11. Thank you very much for the reply, SR Admin! My use of the drive will not be as boot drive. It will read/write files, relatively large ones. I see a nice benchmark review comparing a Seagate Hybrid 2TB to a Hitachi 7K4000… but I don't understand if any of the tests reflect large file transfers. (Because I'm guessing that 4K through 128K on the charts are file sizes.) I don't mind spending the money to get whichever. Oh, what are the HGST (which I lean towards too) "platforms"? (Deskstar and Ultrastar?)
  12. After the WD Black (WD2003FZEX), what's the next-fastest internal mechanical affordable 2TB HDD from Seagate or Hitachi? I was gonna just buy a 2TB 7200 rpm Hitachi Deskstar, but it seems there is no current 2TB model of that. Both the Seagate and Hitachi sites aren't telling me what their newest 2TB models are. I'd like to buy a WD Black but for some mysterious reason the Compaq Presario SR1913WM on which I'm still for now using WinXP won't recognize it. (Thought the mobo does, it's a mystery I gave up solving after posting on the HP forum at
  13. Could someone please recommend good (better than manufacturer's*) HDD diagnostics on a bootable CDR (preferably) or USB drive? I really don't like running HDD diagnostics in my OS. (And if it's my system drive that's gone south it might be impossible.) I've just gotten my first HDD >2TB, so my needs are no longer all met by running HD Tune (which I love) from the WinXP emulation on Hirens Boot CD. Right now the best I know to do with my 4TB Qestern Digital drove is to use WD Diagnostics on a USB boot drive. *at least some manufacturer's drive diagnostics only report errors above some threshold, whereas HD Tune reports ANY errors.
  14. Ugh, turns out HDDScan only runs in Windoze.
  15. Thank you VERY much for your reply, Kdawgca! I looked at all of the disk tools on Portable Aps (which inlcuded CrystalDiskInfo), and it appears none of them do sector-by-sector hard disk diagnostic error checking. They do report S.M.A.R.T. info, but that's not all I need. Unfortunately I see "there is no portable version of [HD Tune] available". I don't much like the portable HDDScan, but I'm gonna try it again. Or maybe I'll just end up using my beloved HD Tune in (ugh) my OS.