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  1. 10TB WD Black alternative?

    I received a 12TB WD Gold today. WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS v5.27 supports it AOK! (Unlike the experience I shared upthread about v5.25 when I switched from 4TB to 6TB Blacks.)
  2. 10TB WD Black alternative?

    I think my bad disk issue is the BIOS choking on recognizing disks. Can't say I know the specifics, but I think it has nothing to do with the boot sector, since Windows does start to load then hangs...I'm thinking because somehow the BIOS' can't tell the OS what disks are there. These are ca. 2004 BIOS's. I had a 2008 machine for a while and it never had this weird issue. p.s. I always install an OS with only that one HDD connected.
  3. 10TB WD Black alternative?

    Thank you VERY much for your reply, SgtSixpack! It's like you read my mind; overnight I got to thinking about having given up on creating bootable media, and resolved to find a "for dummies guide" and give it my best again. One of these weeks. As for Sorry I'm afraid I wasn't clear enough. I was simply explaining that my need for bootable diagnostic media isn't simply "a case of needing to run tests on a...single drive pc". I was trying to explain that bootable media can be required to run diagnostics on even a storage (non-system) HDD, because over the years I've found that often (on some systems) "Windows won't boot if one of it's NON-system HDD has issues calling for diagnostics" (by which I meant bad sectors, which I can only thus identify/find with bootable media diagnostics). As for my problem of "one of my PC's can't run anything newer than 8.1, the other can't run anything newer than 7"; I've accepted it. With the 8.1 machine for example, I gave it every spare minute I had all summer 2016; one guy on a forum applauded me for my persistence and thoroughness. (These are pretty old PC's; my finances are tight.) With the other PC, maybe I could get it to go beyond 7, I honestly didn't give it nearly as much exhaustive effort, but I just don't think it's worth it given how overwhelmingly busy I am. I'm prepared to put it out to pasture when Win7 goes EOL. Edit: I just phoned WD Tech Support. They said their bootable (DOS) hard drive diagnostics supports not only the the WD lines of Red and Gold hard drives, but also supports HGST hard drives. Oh, I am undeterred from my resolve to make my own bootable media with HD Tune on it, particularly since, as I mentioned on another thread "I found that unlike some manufacturer's drive diagnostics, it reports ANY errors (apparently some manufacturer only report errors above some amount)."
  4. 10TB WD Black alternative?

    Good question. (And that's just one reason; often Windows won't boot if one of it's NON-system HDD has issues calling for diagnostics.) Back when HDD were no larger than 2TB, I used to use HD Tune on the MiniXP OS of Hiren's Boot CD (and it was a nice place to format drives, and do other diagnostics, too). With the advent of HDD > 2TB, of course I'd like to have HD Tune on a bootable WinPE USB or CD. But years ago when I tried long and hard to create a bootable (IIRC BART) PE I failed; and I'm so busy now it would not be easy to give Win PE another go (particularly if I'd turn out to be still inept at creating bootable media). 3 years ago I posted during my subsequent search here. So a few weeks back I googled long and hard to find/download a bootable WinPE with HD Tune on it. (And not Win10; one of my PC's can't run anything newer than 8.1, the other can't run anything newer than 7.) Again no luck. Maybe I didn't try long enough without "HD Tune" as a search term. I'm kinda amazed that Hiren's hasn't had a popular successor with a more recent Win OS. I guess, though, that all the other people aware of the need for bootable tools aren't too inept to create them.
  5. 10TB WD Black alternative?

    As planned, I phoned HGST Tech Support this morning. They said they do NOT have a DOS HDD diagnostics that will support their HDDs >2TiB (nor they said will WD's). So...I'm leaning toward a WD Gold over a WD Red Pro. If the Gold's rebranding is a problem for WD's DOD HDD diagnostics, I'll return it (and report here).
  6. 10TB WD Black alternative?

    Very interesting, thank you very much reader50. It would be nice if I find that WD's DOS diagnostics supports HGST too.
  7. 10TB WD Black alternative?

    Well, SR's 8TB WD Gold HDD Review from last December is a treasure. (I googled it when looking for performance comparisons between the WD Gold and Red Pro, in case my above-stated principle against buying drives I can't run diagnostics on outside my OS ends up ruling out HGST [it's already ruled out Seagate] too.)
  8. 10TB WD Black alternative?

    Thank you very much for your reply, reader50! I'd happily wait for a 12TB HGST...if the concern I just added to my last post (regarding bootable diagnostics) is met. And you're right, I probably should have switched to a NAS long ago. One reason I haven't is I'm not thrilled about LAN transfer speeds. Oh, and cost.
  9. 10TB WD Black alternative?

    Thank you very much, SgtSixpack! I like the $329 price (of that HDN721010ALE604 Deskstar). I think I'll do some digging, because I'm wondering how it's speed. compares to the Ultrastar HUH721010ALE604 $350 I just (oops, sorry!) remembered that for me Seagate's various 10TB models are out (I got an 8TB IronWolf in January, but Seatools for DOS didn't support it...and I'm firmly opposed to deploying HDD's for which I must run HDD diagnostics in Windows (and I was frustrated in my last attempt to create a WinPE with HD Tune on it). WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS v5.27 supports my 8TB Red HDD (when I first got 6TB Black drive v5.25 did not support it but I phoned and they posted 5.27 the very next day). I wonder if HGST has it's own bootable HDD diagnostics, or if v5.27 supports the HGST drives. If not, maybe I'll be stuck buying an (ugh) WD Red (my current one is just an HTPC drive). Edit: It appears that HGST's old Drive Fitness Test v4.16 does not support drives >2TiB, since I just tried booted to it and it thinks my 6TB Black drive's capacity is "1603 GB". I'll phone HGST Tech Support when they open on Monday and ask if they have a DOS HDD diagnostics (or if WD's) will support their 10TB HDDs. If not...I'm afraid I'll be left deciding between WD's 7200rpm 10TB drives: Red Pro and Gold.
  10. Since WD doesn't make Blacks over 6TB, what's the fastest largest (which at the moment I believe is 10TB) desktop mechanical HDD? I vaguely recall reading that they haven't made larger Blacks because now they're is my answer an HGST drive (if so which)? Cost is a concern so I figure I'm looking for a consumer HDD not an Enterprise HDD. (I can swing $400 to $500, but not twice that.) I don't plan to use it in NAS or RAID, simply as a storage drive.
  11. Velociraptor alternative

    Thank you very much for your reply, Mighty_Miro_WD! I did take a hard look (by which I mean I compared benchmark tests) at my beloved WD Black. And a WD Blue SSHD, since it seems that a SSHD will often be even faster than a WD Black. But while WD is my preferred HDD manufacturer, I see that Seagate's SSHD (ST1000DX002) looks *much* faster than the (older) WD Blue SSHD (per benchmark testing), so regretfully I'm planning to buy one soon. I'll of course keep my eye on WD's future SSHD model releases!
  12. Velociraptor alternative

    I'm touched by this offer too, Kevin, but I can swing $79 for a 1B Hybrid. And I'm really super-cautious/hesitant to ever put anything but a brand new sealed HDD into service (even though I back up religiously). I now see that not only is Seagate's aging SSHD faster than WD's Blue SSHD, but I see Seagate has a new July 2016 SSHD which is much faster than either, so I'm about to buy a SEAGATE drive (a shock for this WD-lover), a ST1000DX002, for the first time since 2008 (when the largest HDD one could buy was a ST31500341AS, one of which is has been in 24/7 service on the PC I'm typing on ever since). Maybe it's good WD discontinued the VelociRaptor; I recall now that when the hybrids first came out I thought it was a sweet idea.
  13. Velociraptor alternative

    Ah, so I think I'm trying to choose between Western Digital's "Blue SSHD" and Black. Seems the Black is faster on all counts the Black is faster (and had a 5 to 3 year advantage in warranties). Surprising since I see people saying the SSHD's NAND should learn what files I use most...and that likely that would make it a faster boot drive. This is quite persuasive (using Seagate HDDs)... is a
  14. Velociraptor alternative

    That's a very kind offer Kevin, but even though I'm in the US I think I should pass. I know that access time would be well worth it for booting. (Even if a mechanical HDD can max out the SATA2 transfer b/w.) ...But I just don't have the time (being disabled keeps me overly busy already) to do the non-AHCI SSD tweaks I've read about.
  15. Velociraptor alternative

    Hi Kevin, thank you very much for your reply. It's a Compaq Presario SR1913WM with a dual core 2.4GHz (AMD Athlon 64 Dual Core 4800+ Toledo) CPU. "Funny" story; for a 64-bit OS, a Win8.1 requirement stranded this CPU on Win8.0. (So I'm using the 32-bit 8.1) FYI due to disability I can't afford a new machine.