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  1. Great point! The performance benefits of areal density are a function of net gain over the predecessor, i.e, 67GB-to-83GB is a 24% increase; compare to 40GB-to-67GB with a 68% increase in areal density. When expressed as a percentage of the predecessor, one can quickly see that innovation must progress leaps and bounds to remain as significant as prior achievements. I purchased the WD2500JB on Monday for $229 at CompUSA (the rebate offer is good through 19-April) as a replacement for the WD1200JB I use as a media storage drive (unfortunately the 120GB capacity became insufficient). It was the excellent service of the WD1200JB that prompted me to purchase the successor. Unfortunately, without the rebate I question if the WD2500JB is a better value than the WD2000JB at otherwise current prices. Excellent review Eugene!
  2. adobe premiere will handle sequential images. dont know of any shareware utilities. BTW, new version came out.
  3. Security could just be the least of your worries... I'm not sure what your organization's acceptable computer use policy is, but I do know that the RIAA and BSA are going after businesses that allow their employees to use P2P networks like Kazaa. Million dollar settlements are not uncommon, nor the subsequent termination of those employees involved. You are especially at risk if your IP can easily be linked with your business.
  4. (bump) anyone else have any other ideas? My workstation is for the most part crippled without a pagefile, and the down time of a reinstall would likely delay my deadlines. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. is it safe to delete the registry entries for the pagefile in an attempt to force windows to reinitialize all memory management settings, or will that completely ruin this installation? HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerMemory Management One weird thing I notice under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEM is 3 control sets... ControlSet001 ControlSet002 Current ControlSet
  6. Hi, Thanks for your response e1000 and P5-133XL. I tried disabling/boot/enabling the pagefile without any luck. I also tried a checkdisk (on boot) with no errors reported and no change. The specific error is: (ironically it's not larger, just 0MB) I'm really baffled. I hope I dont need to do a repair/re-install, but without a pagefile I may have to if i can't fix this.
  7. The other day while working in photoshop with only a few hundred MBs, my machine started to get sluggish like it was out of memory. I said to myself, "this almost feels like there is no pagefile". So I checked it out, and sure enough windows had 0MB allocated for pagefile size. I also got a prompt that there was a problem with my pagefile configuration. So I thought, "okay weird, I'll just reset my configuration." So I did, rebooted windows, got the same error, and 0MB allocated. So I played with a few configurations--dynamic size/windows managed, fixed, etc., and for whatever reason, my configuration shows up correctly, BUT 0MB allocated and the same strange prompt. Does anyone know how to fix this? I am baffled, and worse yet, my workstation absolutely must have a pagefile--I really can't be productive without one due to multi-tasking limitations.
  8. I've been using Ad-aware on WinXP for awhile now and it's done the job. I suppose if Lavasoft says it's not written for it, it's more use at your own risk. No problems yet here.
  9. Somewhat off topic, but "Real Player One" might as well be considered a virus. Maybe that sounds harsh, but in my line of work I get so many complaints about how buggy and crash-prone it is. Due to stability problems, I elected not to install it on my workstation, and I know a few people where Real Player One's removal has also solved problems. For these reasons, as a web developer, the format does not receive preference when working with limited budgets that only allow for two formats (I usually recommend quicktime and windows media to clients in these instances). Incidentally, Quicktime 6 was released today. It's very similar to Quicktime 5.
  10. Tannin points out one of the scariest things about spyware... no windows desktop is immune. One of my good friends who is a computer engineering major going on for his masters--knows about a million times more about hardware and software than I (read: extremely computer literate)--was baffled that his computer was running unstable suddenly. He runs a very lean system, and as far as he knew, hadn't willing installed anything that would have spyware. Well, he runs ad-aware and sure enough there was spyware. He uninstalled it, and once again is computer was stable again. That brings me to another point; spyware tends to be very invasive. The problem is that it also tend to be extremely poorly written (the people who program spyware should have never graduated past logo). The combination of invasiveness and buggy code can bring an OS at it's knees, regardless of how fast the processor or other hardware--bad code is bad code. What I am hoping, is that some corporations will bring a classaction lawsuit against spyware companies like gator to establish some legal precedence and regulation. With a mere minimal US$5,000 in damages, I think a strong case could be made using the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. Afterall, how different is spyware from a trojan? IMHO they are one in the same.
  11. The average computer user tends to be in the habit of clicking "OK" or "Yes" to dialog messages without reading them. While *surfing* the internet, when presented with the security dialog to install a program, many people will inadvertangly click "OK" to grant access. People click "OK"/"Yes" so quickly, they often don't even notice that they just gave an outside user full access to their entire machine. To combat this, MS should make the such things less accessible than a simple click to install. Another way is through software deliberately installed, like the file sharing program Kazaa. Kazaa is a particularly bad violater because they install a third-party trojan with no specific notice in their EULA or option during the install procedure. Anything can have spy/ad-ware these days, even that "cute" screen-saver your girlfriend(significant other, etc) just had to download and install.
  12. I forsee in our immediate future that Ad-aware will become a staple in prevention of infections, much like anti-virus programs are utilized now for virus protection. It's not uncommon to have computers that never-have-before run ad-aware have several spy/ad-ware infections. The recent injunction against gator doesn't stop their viral spy programs either, so seemingly, they are here to stay. It's a shame the shareware model doesn't function better these days.
  13. sean

    GTA 3 Problems

    Since the this thread is already going, I thought I would ask a few questions... Has anyone been able to fly the dodo in the PC version? I can't get the thing off the ground for more than 9 seconds, but I hear on the PSX version you can actually fly all over liberty city. On the elevator bridge there is a building up on top with a ladder reaching to the road below. I haven't been able to climb the ladder. Does anyone know if it's possible to get up there? What's up with all the loose ends after ya beat the game? What happened to Donald Love? ...he just disappears, and that's that? For being a single player game, the story is just horribly written and just doesn't follow.
  14. Why the sudden change of heart? There were numerous failures reported in various threads on this forum. bluespot's experience unfortunately is not an isolated event. Unfortunately there isn't a whole lot you can do. If a drive fails, regardless of manufacture, it will most likely fail in the first few months of operation--unfornately a burn-in period of that length is hardly pratical. This is why manufacture reputation is so important. Consumer's have so few tools to gauge HDD reliability--Seagate and Maxtor are the only ones to even offer partial disclosure. Is your data worth more than US$100*? If you could have an insurance policy for the life of the drive for the one time fee of about US$100* that virtually insures no data-loss, would you get one? If you answer "Yes" to both of those questions, then you are a good canidate for some form of redundancy. *Prices are estimates for similar capacity IDE/ATA drive to be used in RAID. IMHO, redundancy is especially essential for the 120GXP, for reputation alone. Of course out of reputation alone, I would suggest that others think long and hard before purchasing any GXP deskstar HDD.
  15. This shows everything but the intial dialog for multiple/nested files. The funky shading in the screen-shots does not appear; its standard windows GUI.