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    Seagate Cheetah 15K.5

    Hrm, maybe I am wrong. Strangely, I always have difficulty finding Fujitsu drives in good availability, in the US or here in Singapore.
  2. Tualatin

    Seagate Cheetah 15K.5

    Well I think the 15K.6 series should be ramping into production and be well distributed soon. I am betting my money that it sure beats the Fujitsu MBA series to the market, despite being one generation newer.
  3. Tualatin

    Fujitsu MAU3147

    Yes, distribution for the Fujitsu MBA series seems to be quite weak, at best. There are not many places carrying the drives. I haven't seen any review yet, have you? I do have a pair of MBA3147NC with me now, from the RMA of a pair of failing MAX3147NC. Maybe I can get down to some rudimentary testing when I find the time. I am PMR should ensure a pretty good STR, but we will see.
  4. Tualatin

    Fujitsu MAU3147

    Right, it will be great to see how the MBA series comes up against Seagate Cheetah 15K.5. I am hoping it will build and improve on the MAU/MAX series, with its outstanding single user (desktop/workstation) performance as well as a competitive multi user (server) performance.
  5. Tualatin

    Fujitsu MAU3147

    Is there any intention to follow up with a review of the MAU3147NC/P's successor MAX3147NC/P? It's a bit strange that the current Fujitsu generation is not being put through its rounds.
  6. Hi, I am, as mentioned above, unable to get the XPCacheFilter working, i.e. it BSODs when booting up. Below are the information of my configuration: 1. 2 x Intel Pentium III-S 1.4GHz 2. VIA Apollo Pro266T 3. Adaptec ASC-29160 4. 0 - Fujitsu MAM3184MC 1 - Seagate ST336752LC 2 - Seagate ST336752LC 3 - Seagate ST336752LC 4 - Seagate ST336732LC 5. Pioneer DVD-105 on VIA onboard Primary Master Yamaha CRW2100E on VIA onboard Secondary Master IBM 45GB 75GXP on Highpoint HPT370A Primary Master (RAID 0) IBM 45GB 75GXP on Highpoint HPT370A Secondary Master (RAID 0) 6. FAT32 for 2 x IBM 45GB 75GXP RAID 0 array FAT32 for Fujitsu MAM3184MC (XP Boot Drive) NTFS for 4 x Seagate drives (Dynamic) 7. Not Sure 8. SP1 and any other patches up to 25/12/2002
  7. Well be it running the .exe file to install the XPCacheFilter or following your method of manually installing the XPCacheFilter, my system (VIA Apollo Pro266T) will automatically restarts itself during bootup after a blue screen of death. Is there any way to get it to work?
  8. Tualatin


    Great, Fujitsu drives traditionally are well-built and among the top tier of the competition. Anyway anyone of you saw the 15k MAS series, wonder how it compares to Seagate 15K.3, hope StorageReview could get hold of one of these gems soon.
  9. Tualatin

    Fujitsu MAP3147

    The kind of performance the MAP series offers now really make me anticipate the 15k MAS series and Maxtor Atlas 15K, which can perhaps compete successfully with the Seagate 15K.3.