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    Crucial m4 SSD Review (256GB) Discussion

    Thanks for the review. It's the first I've read that emphasizes the poor XP support. There are a ton of netbooks/older laptops that would benefit from an SSD but also benefit using XP vs Win7 due to RAM constraints. Of course the X-25M is probably a better match for those uses due to the Intel SSD Toolkit. I had hoped the M4/C400 would be a valid purchase for those old PCs as a way to future proof at least one small part of my supply chain. Luckily the newer drives seem to be good at pushing prices down in general for SSDs so I'll just have to pick another part for my SSD on XP to Win7/Linux transition upgrades (I haven't bought any Win7 yet so I'm on the fence on that one). Unfortunately for bargain hunters the 40GB drives have performance penalties and the 80GB Intel drives have a huge price premium vs the 60/64GB drives from all the other players. The value play for a XP hold out seems to be the 64GB Samsung 470 or to bite the bullet and pick a drive with no utilities for XP like the C300 or a Sandforce drive. The price per GB pushes the value shopper to either go 64GB for $120 or 120GB for $220 (Intel 320 Series being the 120GB value choice). I have to imagine the 80GB X-25M/320 Series aren't selling well given the odd pricing. I know I haven't looked at them seriously since the 120GB X25-M came out.
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    Benchmarks for lower capacity drives?

    fwiw, Anand says a 120GB Intel is the next SSD on his review list so we should see one good review soon.
  3. SD25 went live on 03-30-2011 Not all issues were fixed and SD26 is under way. Anyone wanting to track the issues should go to http://forums.seagate.com/t5/Momentus-XT-Momentus-and/UNIFIED-THREAD-Momentus-XT-spreadsheet/td-p/99676 as they closed the old threads.
  4. dhanson865

    Momentus XT roadmap

    sticker shock, since they charge 50% more for the XT vs the standard momentous it's hard to sell them when you get to the highest capacity. Besides, I'd rather see higher cache/capacity ratios than higher capacity. Or put in other words I'd rather see a 500GB XT2 with 16GB cache than a 1TB XT2 with 16GB cache.
  5. How are they first to announce when Samsung already announced 1TB platters before them? Just google "HN-D201RAE" and look at all the news articles about it from two months ago. Or is this just Seagate saying that since they are buying Samsung they'll be the ones to slap their name on the new 1TB platters?
  6. While I agree in the technical accuracy of saying that 20nm flash should have lower write durability the tone of the piece is a big shift vs the tone of http://www.anandtech.com/show/4271/intel-micron-announce-first-20nm-mlc-nand-flash-for-use-in-ssds and the discussion there. Apparently IMFT is claiming similar write cycle limits (durability) and Anand is saying they likely under reported durability at higher nm geometries to avoid having to lower the specs as much each time they went to a new process node. I can understand after what OCZ pulled why you would be cautious about this in terms of performance and want to keep that in mind. I'm just not sure that from a durability standpoint the 34/25nm switchover matters to me or the average user. Hopefully all the players will handle the next transition better when it comes to transparency about performance and pricing. Heck hopefully all the players will handle this transition better than OCZ did (since it isn't over yet).
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    Plextor PX-M2 SSD Review Discussion

    I was wondering if they have multiple PCBs since there weren't any spare holes for the extra flash on this one. Could they save enough money somehow to offset the cost of making a separate PCB for lower capacity drives?
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    Free SSD To Good Home

    Congrats. Live long and prosper.
  9. btw the Seagate forum users say the SD25 firmware fixes more issues and makes the drive faster, use less power, wash your windows, etcetera It's in testing and will be released any day now but a PM to the seagate employee in the thread will get it emailed to you. The block below is what I'm posting on SPCR assuming I don't find any more typos or change the grammar before I post it. I didn't bother putting two of the URLs in this pasted version (one points to the StorageReview article, the other to a very short document of changes in SD24.
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    Free SSD To Good Home

    Looks like about 1 in 15 odds. There was one who said nobody would want it, a couple in the UK (not sure if they are in or out), one that said hood ornament, a couple of first time posters (one of which had a screen name just for this). Even if you count all of those its still less than 20. Somewhere between 15 and 18 depending on which ones you cut.
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    Free SSD To Good Home

    Wow, I wonder if this is still even current (am I too late)? For whatever reason I never saw this thread until today. Either my Jedi powers have weakened or someone else with stronger force levels was doing their best to hide this thread from me. I'm not sure why someone linked to the Anandtech article from 2009 when the latest review from 2011 still has test results for this drive. http://www.anandtech.com/show/4202/the-intel-ssd-510-review/4 shows the SSD Now V series 128GB at the slow end of the charts but still faster than mechanical hard drives in general. If I were to get it it would be replacing a WD2500KS-00MJB0 from 2005/2006? That is being used with a AMD X3 720 BE. Definitely slowing down the system.
  12. Very True for Intel and true for C300. But with C400 you'll have a wide variety of licensees very similar to the sandforce situation. Marvell/Crucial/Micron C400/M4 knock offs include: Corsair Performance 3 Plextor PX-M2 and I'm sure there will be others (and may already be one or two I forgot to list).
  13. dhanson865

    2010 Hard Drive Sales Stats

    Storage Market Outlook 2010 to 2015. "50% of the hard disk market will no longer exist in 5 years, and none of it will exist in 10 years (except in museums). But in the short term some segments (related to disk backup and high capacity video content archiving) will grow in revenue." That's a very bold claim. I'm not ready to pick a date yet. My mind is wide open on this sort of prediction but I do think that hard drives will lose marketshare. Maybe not to 0% as predicted by storagesearch but I am looking forward to a crossover in units where more SSDs are sold per year than hard drives. I just have no clue what year it'll happen. Dunno if it'll be 2013 or 2030 or somewhere in between.
  14. dhanson865

    2010 Hard Drive Sales Stats

    "WD said Wednesday that it shipped 52.2 million disk drives, versus 48.9 million for Seagate." "WD topped analyst estimates for unit sales, although Seagate underperformed" "Calendar 2010 was a year of tremendous opportunity for the hard drive industry with 651 million drives shipped"
  15. dhanson865

    SSD Reliability

    I saw figures for Seagate and WD, one was up one was down (for their most recent quarter). Tell, you what I'll meat you over at and add some more stats.
  16. dhanson865

    SSD Reliability

    True when it comes to overall sales but somewhat reversed when it comes to forums on tech sites. I get tired of seeing the X drive fails too much threads and the subjective I've had 9 of drive maker Y that never failed responses. I thought culling reviews from a larger user base would be a proactive way to reduce those sorts of threads from wasting time in the forums. Eventually when SSDs almost entirely replace HDs for PC builds it'll be too much work to manually cull the data. When it gets to that point I'll have to give up and rely on other methods or just be less thorough about making sure I've accurately categorized the reviews. For now though the reviews come in slow enough that I can check on them once a month or even once a quarter and not be overwhelmed. Try doing that with traditional hard drive reviews and even once a week would be overwhelming now. I guess in a few years maybe I can take advantage of the reversal and mine data on traditional hard drives as sales drop off to a trickle. Of course it remains to be seen if that will happen at all but it could possibly reduce enough that I could try it. Anybody want to guess when the unit crossover will occur? 2015? 2020? 2025? I'm not talking about 0 hard drives, just the year where as many SSDs are sold as hard drives.
  17. dhanson865

    SSD Reliability

    fwiw last time I looked the Samsung 470 had between 50 and 60 reviews and still had zero failures reported. I know 50+ isn't a lot to go on statistically but it's a nice start and the old Samsung drives from the days before TRIM always had a good rep for reliability.
  18. EASTWHO 720 Controller? Are you in Asia? Europe? NA? Is that a ZIF connector or is it SATA? before today I'd never heard of it and the only review I saw showed it being used in a IPOD Video to replace a dead hard drive. Apparently Macbook Air uses the same connector. Are you running XP on a MacBook?
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    Samsung 470 Series SSD Review

    FWIW, the SSD Magician is still in beta at v 1.03 but the manual hasn't been updated since 1.0 http://www.samsungssd.com/faq/samsung-ssd-magician-questions is the URL to find the software. I haven't been able to get their support/download center to show any downloads for the drive. Also newsworthy that all firmware updates on the Samsung 470 erase user data. And firmware can only be downloaded by a Windows PC/Server Though if I remember correctly the tool just downloads the dos executable for you and dumps it on a USB flash drive that you have to make bootable before you run the SSD Magician so once you do that from a windows PC you could update any number of drives for non windows PCs. Although their FAQs are clearly slanted to avoid suggesting such activities.
  20. dhanson865

    Silverstone HDDBoost Review

    1. Does pulling the SSD or Hard drive out of the HDDBoost leave you with a bootable drive and/or allow you to recover data on a system with a different motherboard/SATA controller? As in are there any issues comparable to breaking a drive out of a soft RAID and hooking it up to another controller? 2. Does putting the SSD in HDDBoost handle beginning offsets well? I'd assume so since they get to hide stuff behind the scenes but if the answer to 1. is that the SSD is bootable then you could pull it out and test it to see if performance matches a standalone SSD that is properly setup. 3. Assuming 1. and 2. are favorable how about partitioning the HD? If there is more than one partition and the boot partition of the HDD matches the size of the SSD does it cram stuff from the 2nd partition on the SSD as long as there is free space to do so or does it only cache from the boot partition of the HD? If 3. works in a user controllable fashion I'd be thinking about it as a way to RAID 1 between an effectively short stroked HD and a SSD while having extended partition(s) that aren't a member of that RAID. The down side for most home users and RAID is dealing with how to recover when a drive fails, it sure be nice to know how this setup behaves the same or differently from OS level raid 1 and MB based (fakeRAID 1).
  21. The Seasonic 400W fanless you mention is identical in parts to the 650W other than the fan. So long as the temperature doesn't get out of whack (don't put it in a boiler room in the basement or baking in the hot sun of a closed up car right before you use it) it'll push out plenty of wattage. http://www.silentpcreview.com/article1062-page3.html You might consider the X-560 if it's at or cheaper than the price of the X-400. Either is a fine PSU and the fan in the 560 doesn't start up under normal/light use. Shipped to my house X-400 $135 X-560 $138 It may be the other way around for you, check around.
  22. Kingston sold drives with jmicron controllers before they sold drives with Intel controllers. Kingston still sells drives to this day that are rebadged Intel drives in addition to anything else they do. http://www.anandtech.com/show/2865/4 November 2009 is when I first heard of the Intel rebadge. Just to pick a random google result from before then here is a Kingston SSD withe the Jmicron/Toshiba controller in a thread from June 2009. http://forum.notebookreview.com/hardware-components-aftermarket-upgrades/390350-kingston-v-series-first-look-benchmarks-pics.html As to modern Intel drives badged as Kingston I'll paste a couple from pricegrabber Kingston SSDNow E Series X25-E Solid State Drive - 64GB - SNE125S264GB Kingston SSDNow M X25-M Solid State Drive - 160GB - SNM225S2160GB they usually seem overpriced vs the Intel branded drive so I'm not sure why they sell but apparently someone pays for them or they would stop doing it.
  23. No. Kingston sells drives or sold drives with several different companies controllers - Intel = Intel only - Corsair = Jmicron, Toshiba, Indilinx, Sandforce - Crucial = Indlinx and Marvell - Kingston = Jmicron, Toshiba, Indilinx - OCZ = Jmicron, Toshiba, Indilinx, Sandforce, samsung (forgot about the summit series) You can't tell much about SSD reliability there from anything OTHER than Intel. It's just too muddy a summary. From page 7 of the article we get the 3 worst failing SSDs as which means the - OCZ 2.93% must include RAM and/or other non SSD products or they didn't get their top 3 failure list right.
  24. There are clear differences. Twice the cache (64MB vs 32MB on some drives, 32MB vs 16MB on others), 3 year warranty for Blue and 5 year warranty for black, quicker "drive ready time", maybe others. From 2008 we had 640GB Black Blue Cache in MB 32 16 Drive Ready Time 11 sec 13 Warranty 5 3 Black = WD6401AALS Blue = WD6400AAKS From 2010 we have Black = WD1002FAEX Blue = WD10EALX 1TB Black Blue Cache in MB 64 32 Drive Ready Time 11 sec 13 Warranty 5 3 And the seek mode 3 is claimed for the black only. Acoustics Idle Mode 28 dBA (average) Seek Mode 0 33 dBA (average) Seek Mode 3 29 dBA (average) (Black only) and the quote below is from another board where we were discussing ready times the other day Poor wording to assume that only "large" drives could exceed the limit. Many drives, no matter the capacity, have rated ready times in the 11+ second range.
  25. I hope you'll cover "Advanced Formatting" and benchmark unaligned partitions created on XP vs aligned partitions created with any of the available methods. I'd also be curious if you can find any benchmark or contrived scenario where the drive performance would have been held back by 3 Gb/s SATA (ie is there any benefit in the current products other than marketing by calling these 6 Gb/s SATA).