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  1. That's a fair point but I only have about 4 games installed at any one time and I have very little else that I need to store at the same time. I'm also currently building a media center PC out of spare parts that I'm going to use as a file server. Therefore, seen as I'm only going to use this PC for games and internet browsing, I'd rather spend my money on performance than storage space.
  2. I had wondered about doing something similar to that. I'll probably buy one drive to start with and then another later. I can't seem to find any info about the 80Gb raptors on the UK Dell site. Are they only available in the US? Thanks.
  3. Thankyou very very much! It all makes a lot more sense now and you've just saved me a lot of money. Can't get any better than that.
  4. Hi, I am looking at upgrading my storage soon and I'm unsure what option is best for my requirements. My PC is mainly used for gaming and I need a storage solution that is going to give me the best possible performance for my budget (£200-300ish). My motherboard (Asus A7N8X deluxe) has built in SATA but I think it's only ATA133 which I'm guessing would be a bottle neck for 150 drives. Would a ATA150 PCI controller provide better performance? Also, I'm not sure whether to get raid 0 or to go the single drive route. Also, I believe ATA300 SATA drives are now available, are these worth considering? Storage space is not a major priority and anything 80Gb or above would be fine. System Specs: Athlon XP 3200+ 1Gb OCZ platinum 3200 ram. XFX 6800GT gfx card Asus A7N8X deluxe mobo. 2 old SCSI HDD's running of an old Adaptec controller. 400W PSU (soon to be upgraded) The option that looks the best to me so far is two 74Gb raptors in raid 0 running off a XFX Revo64 controller. Or maybe a single ATA300 drive running off the same controller. What do you think would be best? Thanks.