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    Suggestions on data recovery

    I gave up on the drive after pretty much everything I did resulted in no data or unusable data being recovered. The drive was RMA'ed.
  2. I'm at my wit's end here, please help. Before I do the dreaded freezer method I want to make sure there's nothing else to try. Windows sees the drive but it comes up that it needs to be formatted and is in RAW format. The drive makes a crunching noise when first starting up but sounds fine afterwards. So far I've: 1) Attempted recovery using a USB SATA dock with EaseUS, Recuva, and GetDataBack. (some data was recovered but most of the files were not usable) 2) booted up with a linux recovery disc and ran ddrescue (image was zero bytes after 21hrs) 3) tried TestDisk (no partition discovered) All I need is to recover ONE file off the HDD (~4GB). Is there anything else I can try before I throw it in the freezer?
  3. stryker412

    Which drive to buy in my NAS?

    I ordered the DS410 from Amazon this afternoon.
  4. stryker412

    Which drive to buy in my NAS?

    Thanks for all this info Brian, I believe you have saved me a lot of money. Even though I could get the Green drive, I think I'm going to buy the Black. The only note on Synology's site about using the drive is that it should be used in environments under 86F which my house never gets that hot.
  5. stryker412

    Which drive to buy in my NAS?

    I was going to buy Caviar Black drives but then I read something about the TLER setting not being optimal for RAID. In that if you call for data on the HDD (in RAID it takes longer to access) and the PC thinks the array has crashed due to not responding in a set time. Is this not true?
  6. stryker412

    Which drive to buy in my NAS?

    I'm confused, everything I've read (and even WD has stated) not to use Green drives in a RAID array due to their variable speed. Also, I only buy WD since I've had nothing but issues with Seagates in the past. All the WD I've had have been rock solid.
  7. stryker412

    Which drive to buy in my NAS?

    Going with a Synology DS410, but if I can somehow swing it (doubtful) might go with the DS411+.
  8. stryker412

    Which drive to buy in my NAS?

    I'm going to have it for movies/picture/music storage. It will also be streaming content to a Popcorn Hour I have in the other room. Other than that, that's it. I would go with a lower model but that's the only RE they have in a 2TB config.
  9. I'm looking at buying a NAS along with three 2TB RE4 drives. Would I be ok running the RE4-GP drives in a NAS in RAID 5? There's a $30 difference between the standard RE4 and the RE4-GP. I wish I could use black drives but from what I read, they are not good to use in a RAID array.
  10. stryker412

    Gaming Hard Drive

    My wife's drive took a crap so I'm going to give her mine, and I'll get a nice new HD. I have a Western Digital 120GB 8MB cache IDE drive. The one I'm currently looking at is this: I prefer to stick with Western Digital. Anyone have any thoughts on this drive? I was thinking about the 10kRPM Raptor but it's too little space for too much money.