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  1. amdoverclocker2

    Solution for RAID5/6 8 Bay SATA DAS

    No, not at all. XP can not boot from an array greater then 2TB but it can read one up to 256TB or something crazy. XP has to boot from a MBR and that will only work on a 2TB or less drive.
  2. amdoverclocker2

    Solution for RAID5/6 8 Bay SATA DAS
  3. amdoverclocker2

    Solution for RAID5/6 8 Bay SATA DAS

    *cough* crock of stinker *cough* Explain this if you will.. XP Pro X64.
  4. amdoverclocker2

    RAID 6 vs RAID 10

    I think you guys are failing to see his budget of $5,500. ESX is more then $5,500 for the software alone. We use VMware Server on Server 2003 and love it. We have yet to have a failure of any sort and we have been runing it for 6 months+. For best performance, put one to two machines per array. Dont make one big array because the seek times will kill all performance. We have 9 servers running on an almost identical setup as you. We have 6 arrays, two 400GB SATA drives per array. It runs everything just fine.
  5. amdoverclocker2

    Performance Ceiling

    YOUR SATA CONTROLLER CAN ONLY DO 200MB/SEC. You will not get any higher then that. Look at Areca controllers.
  6. amdoverclocker2

    Performance Ceiling

    What are you talking about? You have some crazy math I must say. I get close to 800MB/sec on my raid so its obiviously not PCI-e. It is your controller. Are you using onboard or a crappy/cheap pci-e raid controller?
  7. Actually the 1220 isnt the fastest SATA card by any means. The new IOP341 ownes all of the older cards. I can post some benchmarks with Areca but I have given up on all onboard controllers forever. Quality just sucks compaired to Areca.
  8. amdoverclocker2

    RAID Matrix wich HD to get for Gameing and load times

    Dont bother with R0 with only 2 drives. You will be sad. Just seperate your apps/data and OS.
  9. No, I didnt not recommend using 6-8 drives in a RAID 0 array. From what you said "For absolute performance, I would suggest that you consider RAID 1+0 over just RAID 0" I think that is not to be true. If you took 6 drives and make an array in RAID 0, it would be faster then 6 drives of a RAID 1+0 array. You claim that to be false, correct? After a little bit, I will do testing of this theory and make sure I am correct in my statement. About losing data, I would hope that I made it clear that RAID 0 is by no means the place to store critical data. From what I gathered, it sounds like he is willing to take a little bit more risk to reap the performance benefits. From my own person experience, if one is to keep a drive cool and properly installed, drive will last longer them if they are not. I currently have 20 drives in a RAID 0 set as well as a set of 15 drives in RAID 0. On those arrays, I have nothing of any importance or nothing that isnt backed on up elsewhere. All I can say is that I have had good luck with properly cooled and mounted drives.
  10. When using RAID 0 you lose zero space. So 3 x 150GB drives will give you something like 400GB of usable space. Yes you can use the 1220 but it uses an older Intel IOP333 which means it will max out at about 400MB/sec. That is fine if you have a max of 4-5 drives in RAID 0. If you are going to use more then that, you will hit the limit of the card and you will not gain any performance over the limit of 400MB/sec. So, just keep that in mind. You will not see anywhere near the numbers of the benchmark you were looking at.
  11. Do you care about your data or not? How much do you want to spend? If you havnt checked yet, the Areca controllers are not cheap but you pay for what you get. If you have good backups I would suggest this: 2 x Raptor in R0 for boot, 1 x Raptor for Apps/games, 3 x Raptors in R0 for SQL/Audio/etc stuff. Thats just a simple answer to your questions. I am using RAID0 on everything since I backup to my redundant server very often. I do not keep anything on my R0 storage that I do not backup or that I care about. Yes, the 3070 is the highest Xeon right now. I have had better luck overclocking the 3070 then the 6700; 3.8Ghz. All of the Intel C2D/Xeon is much better then the X2s from AMD. You can get a Kentsfield quad core but they are still crazy expensive, >$1200! And yes, sarcasm flows from the skies when bs rises from the depths of the earth. I will test some configs out tonight and prove my point.
  12. Look at this thread and tell me that you have a choice: I dont think you do. Areca 1261ML/1280ML with a large sum of Raptors. Use 8-10 per array with two+ arrays and you will be set.
  13. amdoverclocker2

    Areca 1280 benchmarks

    1. 2GB 2. ARC-1280ML 3. 64Kb Any more then about 12 Raptors provides the same performance. The benchmarks I posted are the max of the card or close to it with the correct config. I tried 20 Raptors and got the same numbers.
  14. amdoverclocker2

    Any fast and affordable USB flash drive?

    I have the 4GB Corsair flash drive and its awsome. It reads at 33MB/sec and writes at 22MB/sec.