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  1. well, it depends what you're doing, too. When I'm doing audio/video editing there is a great deal of additional performance from my striped drives. And while the gains for things like loading a game might not be as large, I've certainly noticed them none the less. I find it extremely annoying whenever I have to work on a machine that doesn't have striped drives, the difference is quite noticable, especially after having gotten used to the machine I use most having striped drives. If you only have sporadic experience using a machine with striped drives then the differences might not be too apparent, but once you get used to a machine with striped drives you can easily see the difference when you go to a machine that doesn't have them.

    This is something I've long considered to be one of the dominate reasons behind the poor performance improvement offered by striping. It's great to have exact numbers to quantify it.

  2. comparing the amount of sound output from devices designed to create sound and the by-product sound of a mechanical device doesn't make any sense. A speaker is designed to make sound with relative effeciency, while I can pretty safely guarantee that a HD isn't designed to intentionally make any sound at all. In fact I can also pretty safely guarantee that the reduction of its sound output is a design concern. You're right, though, that the amount of energy converted to sound in a HD probably isn't very relevant. But comparing that to a speaker is kind of silly. (Not to mention a "5 watt speaker" doesn't really mean anything with regard to how loudly a speaker is playing. An amplifier outputting 5 watts to a speaker is a little more meaningful, but a speaker's 5 watt power handling rating doesn't tell you anything about how loud it is or is capable of being. That's just a rating of how much power the voice coil can safely handle without melting.)

    Even if one drive is louder than the other?  Is energy dissipation in the form of sound significant?

    Not really. Look how loud a piezo buzzer using tenths of a watt can be, for example. Even a 5 watt speaker is painfully loud to my ears. The amount of sound energy radiated by a hard drive can probably be measured in microwatts.


  3. the two are equal? Um, ok. So I guess none of the energy the drive is drawing is being used to spin the platters or move the heads or power the electronics eh? It's all just converted directly to heat with 100% effeciency? If you say so. Be a pretty useless "drive" then...

    I'm still going to say that I'm more concerned with heat generation, than actual current draw,


    The two are equal.