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    Storage Review Site Update

    this is truly great news! Hey, Is Big Buck Hunter still around? Man, that guy knew some stuff about storage, WOW! Sure would be nice if he would come along for the re-launch! I will never forget his analysis of a Microsoft Job Interview. That was some interesting stuff. Long live Storage Review. SSD's are changing the world and there are still idiots out there that do not believe that because they think, "they are too expensive! Heck, how much did that first 5 MEGABYTE hard drive cost? yeah, see what I mean For some of the best SSD info/discussion on the web, check out this thread at notebookreview:
  2. capeconsultant

    O great storage wizards hear my call....

    I quite appreciate your creative eloquence. However, this site has never been about 'What parts should I use to build a computer". It has been about what hard drive/array should I use under these circumstances and with THIS hardware? Over at AnadTech, they have a category called General Hardware, and that is ALL ABOUT what parts should I use to build a computer? Personally, having built a box or two in the past, that thread bores me so bad I would buy any Dell or HP to escape it Truth is, I really appreciate the engineering that goes into at least the business class of those 2 companies, typing this on a Dell Optiplex that is the best computer I have ever had. But by all means, have a look over at AnandTech. It may be just what you are looking for but I do doubt strongly you will find it here on this site. Dave... Happy, Merry
  3. Yes, finally a drive that looks like it will actually live up to the hype. I really want one. I guess I will have to go to Vista 64 to get it, and I want to boot from it too.
  4. capeconsultant

    SSD Reviews?

    I must say, EXCELLENT QUESTION I have wondered the same thing. Dave
  5. capeconsultant

    20,000RPM Raptor?

    I am gonna bet all my money on SSD's. They seem a bit safer and alot faster. I think the folks at Western Digital are laughing at us for even thinking for a minute that they would make this. And the guy there that started the rumor got a nice bonus in his check So, my prediction is that WD will have SSD's fairly soon, and a 20K drive never ever. Dave
  6. capeconsultant

    Is my hard drive dying?

    As a side note, bad RAM can also cause strange error messages. Sometmes different error messages each time you turn on your computer. Dave
  7. capeconsultant

    Solid state disk reviews?

    Watch. These things will be like a steam roller coming down the road. It may take awhile to get here (awhile being not that long in "tech time") but when they do, it will be damn hard not to pay some serious attention I say bring them on! And bring on the reviews. Until a few weeks ago, I mistakenly thought that all of these would be the same speed. I have since learned that the Mtron is the one to watch )) Dave
  8. capeconsultant

    Solid state disk reviews?

    Boy, do I second this. These things cannot catch on FAST enough for me!
  9. capeconsultant

    Fusion IO

    I saw it and of course was in love right away But ah, even the price was a little high for my desktop Looks like very exciting days ahead for storage. SSD's are finally getting the press they deserve. let's hope it does not take too long to get the price for a FAST SSD down to where we can each have at least a 64 GB to mess around with without having to sell the car. Thanks, Dave
  10. capeconsultant

    Mtron SSD

    Yes, I figured that a Clean Install of some type was probably a factor My main machine needed a fresh format pretty badly, but instead I took the HD out of an AMD system, stuck it in my new Dell Core 2 Duo, and just booted that puppy up against all odds. It worked perfectly, but I realized at that time that I bet it would be MUCH faster if I did a clean install, but my laziness got the best of me and here I am today. So, I guess I want an SSD mainly because I am lazy and it would give me an even better boost than a reformat Dave
  11. capeconsultant

    Mtron SSD

    I have been waiting my whole life for one of these bad boys. I would be happy with a sandisk model at $400, but cannot justify 1$500 for the Mtron, which, of course, I would prefer A man has to have dreams, and this is mine... 256GB Mtron for $175.00 )) Let's get those prices down and those capacities up, soon! This is one thing that will actually make a difference in how fast a computer SEEMS on a casual daily use basis. In spite of increased chip speeds, etc, I once in awhile come across a Pentium 3 that SEEMS faster than my core 2 duo. Not sure why, do not care, I just want my SSD. Dave
  12. I have been waiting so long for these. I think they will really take off once people see a noticeable speed boost. The silent and more reliable and more shockproof are no-brainers. But I think speed will really sell people. At the current price of about 500 for a 64GB instead of 32GB, I would probably spring for one. Of course, if that were 250 or even $300, well, that would be a no brainer for me. Imagine being being able to format in a second, and never needing to defrag, but if you did it would be a matter of seconds. Imagine a computer that is really quieter. I have been a huge fan of quiet computing for years. So, this SSD drive would make a very noticeable difference in noise, speed, heat, reliability (no moving parts, how cool is that?) I hope SanDisk and Samsung get on with production, because unless you are Dell, these things are scarce as hens teeth, and how can the price go down if no one can find them to buy them in the first place. I have tried to call both SanDisk and Samsung to try to buy say, 24 of them, and neither one can help me at all. The only place they are for sale is Ebay, and I would kill to know where they are egtting them I think these will catch on really really quickly. 32GB is good for most laptop users I know, and 64MB would be good for the rest, and if you are a heavy big file user, just off load to a portable USB drive. Folks, I think any one who has thought that price will keep people from buying these will find out the very definition of WRONG super quick. Remember, this is the culture where people are LINED UP ALL OVER THE COUNTRY TO BUY A $500 CELL PHONE THEY HAVE NEVER EVEN SEEN IN REAL LIFE YET. I have been wrong before,, after all, I really thought people would flock to VISTA, but I believe in my bones I am so right about the adoption of these SSD drives. I used to sell simple RAM at Egghead Software for FIFTY DOLLARS per MEGABYTE. With no price break even for FOUR MEGABYTES. Have a look at the price of RAM today compared with that. Thanks for reading, Dave
  13. capeconsultant

    2007, Coolest year in storage ever

    They still need to add ~16MB of RAM cache, to get their burst rate to match the maximum interface speed. Then you'll see these things getting soaked up in servers as well. At that point SATA @ 3Gbps will make a difference... I think this is the reason. I got it from a post or two above. Dave
  14. capeconsultant

    2007, Coolest year in storage ever

    I actually believe we will see $300 64GB drives in 2007. I really want to see some cache on these babies, and I want to see it QUICKLY, before I buy one Dave
  15. capeconsultant

    Anandtech review of Super Talent SSD

    I also have been waiting for years for this event! WOWOW. I also found these 2 links today: these prices are coming down FAST. YES! Dave