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    2,5' Harddrive test at xbitlabs.......

    Bumping an old thread. I just installed a Hitachi 7K60 in my new Toshiba P15 Laptop and it screams! I'll run ATTO benchmarks. What should the proper settings in ATTO be set to?
  2. WTF are you guys smoking? All I have to say is in Russia, the Maxtor breaks you.
  3. Do you guys even read the entire post? The drive went bad I exchanged it for a new one. I put the new one on Ebay.
  4. Yeah, I did exchange it and the new one I got I put on Ebay!
  5. Well, Maxtor did it again. The drive went belly up after just two days. I booted up one day and I got the Windows unmountable_boot_volume message. Took it out and slaved it to another computer. Doesn't read any data. Reinstalled it and FDisk wouldn't format it for nothing! Ran Maxtor utilities on it and couldn't do a damn thing with it. This fvcker is dead! Luckily it was withing the first two days and I exchanged it. Now it's on Ebay and never again with Maxtor. This isn't the first or second or third time they've let me down!
  6. Those WD 8MB cache drives fly! I just built a system for a friend with one of those and it was 2/3 of the performance of my Seagate SCSI 15K.3 in ATTO. 40MB reads and writes compared to 60MB for my seagate. And super quiet. I can't say enough good things about it.
  7. Are these numbers any good? How is everyone else doing with this drive?
  8. Hamburgerpimp

    What Video Card For 2D Graphics?

    I've been running a Radeon AIW 8500 and the 2D is great. Back in the day I had a dual Matrox G450 and the 2D was awesome, perhaps even better than my current Radeon. But, the 3D performance of the Matrox was horrible. I tried playing Unreal Tournament with it and it was a joke. For websurfing and business apps the Matrox cards are awesome. The best combo of 2D and 3D performance I have found is ATI.
  9. Hamburgerpimp

    Hey noisy Maxtor D740x, take this!

    I just turn up my Klipsch 5.1 speakers with playing. Can't hear my computer at all!!
  10. You mean Firewire is inexpensive? Hell no they're not. Plus, you ever pop open a Yamaha Firewire burner? It's just a Firewire case with an IDE burner inside. What a crock! It'll be interesting to see this new Plextor. I use a IDE DVD burner and a SCSI Plextor 40X CDRom. I may have to check out one of these.
  11. Hamburgerpimp

    Talk me out of DVD-RAM

    I use my DVDRW with the newest Nero and I have no problems. I don't drag and drop, but Nero is so damn easy and fast, I never have a problem. I also use 321Studios DVD Copy and backup all my DVD movies. Then play them in a regular standalone DVD player. Can't do that with DVD-Ram. You can get 4.7G on one side of a DVD. For me, that's plenty of room for anything. The DVDR discs are $69 for 100 at hypermicro. I would stay away from DVD-Ram and get a DVDRW. Some new 4X DVDRW units have come out.
  12. Hamburgerpimp

    SCSI performance, are the results ok?

    I wouldn't install an IBM HD in my computer if it was given to me. Stick with the Cheetah. There's a reason why they have a 5 year warranty. Get an Adaptec 39320R with another 15K.3 in RAID0 and you'll be flying.
  13. Hamburgerpimp

    IBM sells hard drive unit to Hitachi

    That's ironic, becuase 70% of their GXP HD line failed!!
  14. Hamburgerpimp

    Maxtor = whats going on?

    You should tell them to send you 2-80G drives or something similar.
  15. Can you use Athlon XP CPUs in place of Athlon MP CPUs on dual Athlon mobos like the Tyan MP? I've heard of people doing this, just didn't know if it was possible.