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  1. NeilPeart

    What's in your CD player right now?

    Kind of Blue (Miles Davis) I've listened to the album countless times, memorized every nuance, and still I return. Miles Davis and John Coltrane must have conversed with something higher than humanity when they made that album. I only have a single-disc player and a turntable, but here are other albums I have been enjoying lately: Led Zeppelin II Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head Bach - The Brandenburg Concertos Nos. 4 Rush - Permanent Waves Pearl Jam - Ten Radiohead - OK Computer Strung Out Hieroglyphics - 3rd Eye Vision Haiku d' Etat Daft Punk - Discovery Basement Jaxx - Rooty Dr. Dre - The Chronic Snoop Doggy Dogg - Doggystyle Stevie Wonder - Song in the Key of Life Stevie Wonder - Talking Book Marvin Gaye - Anthology Dream Theater - Images & Words Beethoven - 9th Symphony Strung Out - An American Paradox AFI - Sing the Sorrow John Coltrane - A Love Supreme John Coltrane - Live At Birdland John Coltrane - Giant Steps Tool - Aenima Led Zeppelin - Live Bootlegs (form my crazy hi-fi LZ collector) The Beatles - Rubber Soul Weather Report - Heavy Weather AC/DC - Back In Black Cream - Disreali Gears Muddy Waters - At Newport Hayden - Concerto for Trumpet (Feat. Wynton Marsalis) CCR - Chronicles DMB - Under the Table and Dreaming Earth, Wind & Fire Greatest Hits James Brown - Live at the Apollo Opeth - Blackwater Park GnR - Appetite for Destruction Hendrix - Are You Experienced? The Rolling Stones - Forty Licks Van Halen
  2. NeilPeart

    WD 120 Problem

    jmichel, You firmware should be 75.xxxx after upgrading. In the WD KB article there are 2 distinct firmware upgrades: one for machines with 3Ware cards and one for machines without 3Ware cards. Please make sure you downloaded and flashed the correct firmware! After flashing, your firmware will be 75.xxxx and your drive should return to normal. On a side note: I wonder how many unnecessary RMAs this snafu has cost WD? Even their highest-level techs know nothing of this matter. It took intelligent, persevering hardware enthusiasts to sort out this problem; the masses will encounter such problems and RMA after days of frustration. I was almost ready to RMA after struggling for a week, then a thread I was active in reminded me of the old 3Ware issue, which corresponds to this case. Let's get the word out to Western Digital! Good luck, jmichel.
  3. NeilPeart

    WD 120 Problem

    jmichel, Your problem resembles the one I (and a few other members of this board) experienced. In the end, a firmware upgrade was necessary, as it was a hardware problem, as explained in Western Digital's Knowledge Base. Here is a link to the thread that discussed, and ultimately resolved, this issue: WD Problem Thread Please read the entire thread and try all the suggestions within before dismissing it. I hope this resolves your issues.
  4. NeilPeart

    275 KB/s download

    alpha754293, Multiply 275 * 8, because you're looking for megabits, not megabytes. Therefore, your connection is capable of at least 2.2Mbps. Try another high-bandwidth site to max out your download, or just go to for far more reliable data (test on all three servers to arrive at an informed estimation, and run the test multiple times during off-peak hours for even more reliability).
  5. NeilPeart

    WD120JB Problems

    Makita, See my above post; the firmware upgrade worked for over 24 hours now (the drive always "disappeared" before 8 hours, so this is a good sign). Again, thank you for reminding me of this firmware upgrade. I remember reading about a similar firmware for 3Ware/WD problems, but your post brought it back into the spotlight it deserved. After scouring WD's knowledge base, talking with "3rd level" techs (the highest-level, according to WD) and blasting through google, a post about a firmware upgrade fixed 2 months of stress. It's disturbing that WD still doesn’t advise its customers of this important upgrade; it would save them lots of money and time (among other resources) consumed by unnecessary RMAs. Though I've already thanked you in my previous posts, thanks again. Let's hope WD gets the word out.
  6. NeilPeart

    WD120JB Problems

    Makita, I recall seeing that fix a while ago regarding 3Ware/WD problems. However, I did not know it applied to non-RAID systems. Thanks for reminding me of its existence! I applied it to my drive and it upgraded the firmware from 02.xxxx to 75.xxxx. The problem is gone! I knew the actual drive was physically OK, because there were no signs of impending failure (unlike my doomed 75GXP). I tried to find problems within my system, but it was a simple firmware upgrade. I wonder how many false RMAs this has cost Western Digital. After thoroughly troubleshooting with 3 tech support guys (all the way to "level 3"), none of them mentioned this upgrade (or even knew about StorageReview). Thanks again Makita and all others who have contributed to this thread. You possibly saved 200GB of data!
  7. NeilPeart

    WD120JB Problems

    To all who responded: Please describe your specs (mobo, chipset, how hard drive is connected, etc.) so I can determine whether the hard drive is solely to blame.
  8. NeilPeart

    WD120JB Problems

    My WD2000JB exhibits the same behavior as drescherjm's. It is the primary master on my Asus A7N8X Deluxe Rev. 2.00; I disabled the Serial ATA RAID and use the standard IDE ports of the mobo. After a day or so the drive will "disappear" and won't reappear until I perform a hard boot. My 2 WD1200JBs and WD1000BB-SE did not demonstrate this frustrating behavior. I wonder if this is a premature symptom of failure (like the 75GXP's click of death). I am not taking any chances, so I will invest in another 2000JB and a 3Ware 7200 for a RAID1 (though perhaps I should steer clear of WD for the moment). I have had good luck with WD since the original WD1000BB-SE, so this event has really saddened me. I am hoping it is not the drive but rather another hardware issue. I hope others can come forward with similar issues and specify their hardware so we can find a common element.
  9. NeilPeart

    Adaptec + Cheetahs?

    Thank you Dr. Ralph and Krusher - the 29160 works well with the 2 Cheetah 15.3s.
  10. NeilPeart

    Adaptec + Cheetahs?

    Krusher, Thanks for the responses; it's nice to know someone else with similar hardware. I think I'm just gonna stop worrying and use the 29160 - it worked great for my Quantum Atlas 10K IIs. Thanks for the advice.
  11. NeilPeart

    Promise Card & XP Pro

    Ask Micron!
  12. NeilPeart

    Promise Card & XP Pro

    Sorry honold, but there really was no solution. There were no utilities on the disk for enabling the cache, and WD's propiatary drivers/BIOS also lacked the feature. I also couldn't use Promise’s own drivers or BIOS, as they would render the card useless. My "solution" was simply to forget about the issue, as it has no noticeable effect anyways. I hardly notice the problem, and my mom certainly doesn't (remember the machine is only a PII 350, so if anything is slow, it is usually a processing deficiency). This drive is still much faster then the old 5400 rpm IBM 14GP it replaced, and the swift seeks are noticeable more than the rare writing slowdowns. Also, the one feature my mom commented about was the near silence of the drive (I have AAM fully enabled); she said she can't even hear the computer running anymore. That must be because the PSU is fanless, the heatsink is fanless and the only chassis fan is a Panaflo 80L1A volt-modded to 5V. The only reason I upgraded her drive was the old one was dying a slow death (the increased whine clued me in); the noise reduction was a great by-product (and the reason I went with the single-platter 'Cuda IV). So there really was no solution, but performance is a relative matter to someone who thinks a PII 350 is a fast machine - for her needs the performance is just fine. It's hard for me to just let a nagging problem like this go (I am anal regarding PC performance), but I figured as long as she doesn't complain about the problem, it really is a transparent one. Reliability and a silent computing environment are of paramount importance to my mom, otherwise she'd be running a Cheetah 15.3! However, if I ever discover a solution (and believe me, I’ll keep my eyes peeled), I’ll post it for the world to see. 8)
  13. NeilPeart

    Adaptec + Cheetahs?

    I was recently forced to move my dual-channel LSI 21320 out of my current rig (A7M266-DL with 2 AthlonMP 2000s), and thus I am left with my old single-channel Adaptec 29160 for SCSI connectivity. However, I am unsure this card can adequately handle my 2 Seagate Cheetah 15.3s. Two 15.3s can sustain 150MB/s, effectively pushing the limit of U160. Also, what U320 benefits have I lost by reverting to the 29160? Also, I had each drive on its own channel with my previous card, and now both must share a single channel. Is this another performance hinderer? Can this old card handle the 2 drives with aplomb, or am I now forced to buy another LSI 21320 to truly utilize my Cheetahs? Any help is appreciated. :?
  14. NeilPeart

    Promise Card & XP Pro

    Thanks for the help, guys; everything has been sorted out. 8)
  15. pico1180, For me quality has priority over speed. Even though your Plextor achieves "only" 20X (which is still damn fast for secure ripping with EAC), the quality of the ripped wav files are of the highest nature (only the Asus CD-S520A can compete). I am still unsure why your drive can't hit the speeds my drive can. My Plextor is the narrow-SCSI version (the wide-SCSI, though it is on a faster bus, is actually a worse drive with stagnant firmware). Make sure you enable parity on the drive and that the card adequately supports UltraSCSI 20MBps (not fast-SCSI). Download the latest firmware (1.13) from Plextor's website. If you want the correct EAC drive settings for the 40TSi, let me know and I'll provide them. Regardless, 20X DAE is very fast for secure ripping in EAC, and the quality achieved by the UltraPlex 40Max is unmatched. If you are still unsatisfied with your drive, the IDE Asus CD-S520A is the next best in terms of speed and quality; it only costs $25! I bought 2 of ‘em! If I were buying a good ripping drive and didn't own a SCSI card then the Asus model would be my top choice. Happy ripping. [/i]