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  1. Yeah, thats one of the few things I think is a little bad too. But besides that, its a great game :-) You are welcome to PM me if you have any questions or other stuff on your mind. Best Regards Theis
  2. Hi SR Readers I just recieved a link to this pdf by a good friend of mine, and thought it might be of interest to some of you. Its a study by some Google employees on the failure rates of disk drives deployed within their infrastructure. Happy reading Best Regards Theis
  3. A new video for the new expansion! CCP has released a new trailer in celebration of the Relations expansion for EVE-Online. The trailer is made by video producer Greg Kruk. EVE-Online: REVELATIONS Link (45MB) Best Regards Theis
  4. Theis

    Wine of the week.

    I would go with a white wine for a pasta dish. Best Regards Theis
  5. The 19.95EUR/$ you pay the first month is a one time only payment, for the following month's its 14.95EUR/$ pr. month, just like most of the other MMO's out there. Best Regards Theis
  6. Randy Kalista from Gaming Nexus has made a two part, so far, diary about his experiences with the EVE-Online universe. "It's a big, beautiful sandbox," he writes in part one, "with a big, beautiful set of tools for you to begin the arduous and rewarding task of handcrafting your very own piece of the galaxy." And in part two he writes, "The brilliant training system is set up to continuously build points toward a selected skill. Even when you’re offline, the clock is ticking and your character is gaining in ability." "Why this training system hasn’t spawned copycats in other MMOs is utterly baffling. It is, bar none, the most satisfying skill progression I’ve witnessed in an online game." Hopefully you'll enjoy the reading, both installments are two pages long, so it shouldn't be too time consuming to read. Best Regards Theis
  7. Hi Bikeman Thanks for the PM, I've send you a trial key via the EVE-Online Buddy Program. Best Regards Theis
  8. Hi Bikeman Just send me a PM with a working email address (its used by the EVE-Online buddy program to send you the activation key) like Primate did and I'll hook you up asap. Best Regards Theis
  9. For the ones that think this game seems too complicated, or the ones that just want to have it easy, here is something for you. Its an excellent 3rd party character planner named EVEMon, that can make life of new pod pilots a bid easier. At least it made my skill planning a lot easier in regards to plan around the times were I can't play EVE (at work, sleeping, daily DT and such) They have a nice screenshot section too, so you can see what it looks like if you want. Best Regards Theis
  10. Hi Primate I've send you a trial key, have fun Best Regards Theis
  11. Great, just PM me an e-mail address of yours and I'll hook you up right away. (The e-mail address is used by the EVE-Online Buddy Program to send you the 14 day trail key.) Best Regards Theis
  12. That was a good one, I might just do that. On a side note.. I just found this 4 page article, its scanned from the September 2005 issue of PCGAMER and titled "Murder Incorporated" Its about one of the biggest and most elaborate heists ever pulled off in the world of EVE-Online, it just goes to show how much is possible in EVE-Online if you really want it. Definitely worth the time it takes to read! Best Regards Theis
  13. I wonder how come people don't vote on the poll when they read the post ? At the time of writing this reply, this topic had close to 400 views, but only 6 votes where 1 of them is my own. Is this the standard behaviour of the average SR reader ? Best Regards Theis
  14. A link to a great interview by Jim Rossignol of with CCP's (makers of EVE-Online) Executive Producer, Nathan Richardsson, about the upcoming patches codenamed the path to Kali and the future of EVE-Online. Best Regards Theis
  15. Well after making some enquiries on pricing plans - holy f**k it's expensive! eg. Base plan is 256kbps w/200MB allowance is roughly AU$40 per month. Over 200MB is shaped to 64/64... Comparitive ADSL (256kbps) would be $40 + $20 (Line rental for the fixed line) and has a 5GB download allowance... Damn.. access at those prices are freaking expensive! Hope you get to find a cheaper solution soon. Best Regards Theis