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  1. I knew I should have waited for the review instead of investing in the Maxline IIIs, they were a great price though. I'm glad WD is putting out (keeps on) great hrad drives. Hopefully the quality will hold up over the long run.
  2. I do graphic design etc on my machine and currently have... 1x 80gb Raptor for XPsp2 and Programs, 1x 36gb raptor for Adobe swap and windows pagefile, 1 RAID 5 of 2x300gb Maxtor Maxline III. Speed has definitely increased since moving from the 36gb raptor as primary OS/prog drive and moving it to swap dedicated. I also happen to have it partitioned by Acronis into a secure zone for an image of the OS drive. So 20gb for Acronis and 15gb for swap space.

    MaxlineIII/ nForce4 problems?

    I have two MAxline III 300gb in RAID 1 on an MSI nForce 4 board with no problems. Not sure why anyone would have issues.

    Hard Drives

    I'm not sure about you but I change lightbulbs about 1000 times more than hard drives.


    I very nearly bought one from Monarch @ $190 but was scared away from no performance data. Went with the Maxline IIIs instead. Good info.

    Optimal RAID5 Chunk size?

    It doesnt matter since the nForce4 doesnt have RAID 5.

    Anyone experience with 64-bit computers

    Avast! Nod32 For more info you should head to PLanetAMD64 and check the forums there.

    Scratch Disk Raid Configuration

    Here's a couple of articles WRT Photoshop CS2 that may help you out...

    Scratch Disk Raid Configuration

    Also you didnt mention wether your OS/programs were located on the RAID 5 or on a seperate drive. I think ideally for your use you'd want... 1 74gb raptor for OS/Programs 1 36gb/74 gb raptor for swap/scratch drive 4 x ??? in a RAID 5 or 1/0 setup for storage and redundancy. I don't think you need Raptors necessarly for this setup since mostly hogh data throughput is needed and can be fulfilled with larger cheaper storage drives like Maxline IIIs.

    Scratch Disk Raid Configuration

    Firstly, you may want to look into using Windows x64 as an OS to get full use of your memory. There may be driver issues with any peripherals you're using and check to see if your RAID card is supported. Secondly the onboard RAID will most likley be the bottleneck until you upgrade to a dedicated RAID card with better RAID and XOR processing. Thirdly you could add either a 36gb or 74 gb raptor for use as the scratch drive once and if the memory is at capacity and this will help the speed. I dont think you will benefit from a RAID 0 scratch disk. Perhaps better educated people can answer that. Lastly IIRC the P4 3.73EE gets trounced by AMD processors at half the price in Content Creation, Photo/Video Editing. For the same price you should have gone with a single/dual core AMD system. I know its too late but consider that just a tiny barb from an AMD user.
  11. How much space are you currently using for the OS/Program volume? Seriously 74GB in theory should be enough unless you just prefer to load up lots and lots and lots of programs. I use a 36 gb on my workstation and have loaded up many 1gb plus programs without any issue. Including many large games.

    Serial-ATA Raid 5 - Reliability and Problems

    My wager is on a bad controller card or faulty cables. If you've essentially eliminated the drives as being a problem pending the outcome of the drive test and you're sure the case and drives are cool and vibration free. That leaves the next 2 items in the chain. I would replace the cables with some high quality locking sata ones and then look for a higher quality controller with 8 ports with a hot spare. If you don't wish to take the risk then try a whole new drive setup. Your not guranteed anything as it may be an issue with the slot the controller is plugged into or something else.

    Can anyone recommend a S-ATA II raid 5 controller

    I've been looking at the Highpoint Rocketraid 2220 as well. Nice features and price compared to the Areca, 3ware etc. It's a technically slower card but not by much. Plus you can get an 8 port with hot swap hardware raid 5 XOR and Online Raid Level Migration and Online Raid Capacity Expansion. for $255.

    please help me choosing

    CPU: Best Value: 4400+ Money No Object: 4800+ VGA: 7800GTX, its out now and no idea when the ATI is gonna ship or what its gonna do. HDD: 1x74gb Raptor and 1xMaxtor DM10 300gb Ram right now is the crucial element in an OC system. Do you plan on OCing? If so then don't worry to omuch about latency because youre gonna end up at 3-3-3-8 most likely unless you're lucky. The Crucial Ballistix seem to hold the OC HTT crown right now.

    Price cuts

    Actually Anandtech does, sorta, with they're realtime pricing thingy, shown here for the Western Digital Raptor 36.7 GB...