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    Any LSI MegaRaid 8344ELP user?

    Sure I have one on my ESX-server. I put a very low speed quiet 80mm fan on the side of it and now it is all cold even on the backside. But I should disclaim a warning. I had another card based on the very same IOP and it died after a few weeks living within a normal quite well cold PC since it got so hot. (Perc 320E-DC)
  2. Thanks for answering. I never thought anyone actually would. Thank you kindly. Interesting reading on the tpc
  3. Hi, Yesterday my U320 card died and I am now to buy a new setup for use as systemdisk. So I am off from the SCSI-parallell djungle and onto the new SAS. What I am aiming for is 2 x 73 Gbyte savvio 15k in raid to gain speed. Problem is I can not find this drive on the market though they said it should be out 16th of january. So I have three questions. 1. Is this drive available anywhere yet? 2. The drive seems to available from HP but is this the exact same drive? (no smaller cache and stuff) 3. Anyone knows where to find any performance from hdtach or so for this drive in any config?
  4. I must admit that Seagate drives have been very poor and they're support just sucks in the latest year. (since 7200.10 came out) On the other side Maxtor dirves seems to work VERY good for me. Never had a failure have had 24 Maxtors Maxlines none have failed yet. Some are sold and exchanged to Seagate 7200.10 which seems to have failed quite fast. 4 of 14 dead in 6 monthes. Also the hole box is like jumping on the floor when using 7200.10. Maxtor was very quiet. Seagates gets very hot compared to Maxtor to. The thing that forced me to buy Seagate this time was they're size. No other brand makes 750 Gbyte disks. But I really regret this change of brand.
  5. Anyone else got those? I got that on all my 7200.10 (750GB) drives. Everyday if I used the disk to put new files on it or removed anything there are new indexes to correct for checkdisk. Though Checkdisk says there is no problem with the drives surface. If running "chkdsk /x /f /r". The errors are: 1. Orphaned files 2. Deleting corrupt index 3. Correcting index to file Sometimes I see messages like "Can not read from the disk" when I try to delete something. please anyone had this problem and solved it? To get usefull information here I will not disclose what I have read or which information I got so far from manufacturer and/or other users.
  6. Anyone knows anything about this?
  7. Is there any way of cheaply expanding the number of ports for a certain LSI 8408/8308 SAS adapter which only has 8 ports and I need at least up to 24. All 24 shall be able to gointo the raid 5 or raid 6 that I will create. Possibility of adding drives and expanding volume is neccesary as I will invest more disks and only start out wiht 12-16 disks. I read about SAS expanders but I do not know weather these will expand in a way that I can add this disks to the arrays and the last but not least I haven't seen any expanders for SAS/SATA for sale anywhere. Btw the disks will be SATA, why I buy a SAS is that do want to run a fast raid 0 with 15k2 maxtors on the same adapter. I could have multiple adapters but I have yet to see any enthusaist motherboards with more than 2 x16/x8 PCI-E )) Anyone got any ideas?
  8. xAyiDe

    Fibre channel + ATA/SATA

    Aha ok. Yeah but can I tunnel it out via my Fibre Channel Adapter? Anyways I'll try it out. At least it should be faster than running on Gigabit nics.
  9. Is there any driver to convert ATA/SATA to FC by windows system and not going via HW-bridge? I mean so I can connect over FC to a windows host and make use of SATA/ATA drives?
  10. So what happened? Does it work?
  11. Anyone here that can confirm a motherboard with socket 939 that the above raidcard works flawlessly with?
  12. Hi Vidmar! I also got a 320-2E in the name of Dell Perc4E. I am very interested in how it ended up for you, did it boot with one graphics and the 320-2E in the other? How is performance?
  13. Hi! What brand and modell of motherboards do you guys use? I am looking for a normal Athlon64 X2 motherboard to use with the Perc 4e. I do not want to buy an opteron. I want the normal desktop board or a workstation substitute board. But no server board. I need something that has x16 for graphics and also can accomodate x4 or x8 Express for the 320-2E (perc4E) Any suggestions? ps. I heard DFI has one, but have'nt seen anyone confirming it.