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  1. Help! I'm kind of a newbie, dealing with hardware...I am trying to decide between two 400GB drives: Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 & the Hitachi 7k400 deskstar. I'm trying to increase the storage on our departmental intranet server (lots of images and video) before I leave for school. I really want to minimize the panicked phone calls I get from the people in the office, requiring me to come running pell-mell back here again. Therefore, the absolute, hands-down most important factor is reliability. I am reading about a lot of problems with the Seagate locking up, etc. Is it really less reliable than the Hitachi? Even if they do have a 5-yr. warranty, drive failure is really not something that this office will be able to handle, even with weekly backups to an external hard drive. Then again, I am also reading complaints about the Hitachi running really hot; how could it be less prone to failure if it that's true? I really don't want to have to buy and install a fan, too. Any help would be vastly appreciated!!! You can also email me at yahoo (same handle).