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  1. On 5/24/2017 at 2:53 PM, continuum said:

    Technological differences or actual performance? Reviews cover both areas fairly well.

    What sort of use? If this is typical or even enthusiast desktop use, you're not going to see a difference in actual use short of timing everything with a stopwatch for benchmarks...

    I was thinking of replacing my current Samsung SM951 M.2 (AHCI) 256GB boot drive with the Samsung 960 EVO M.2 (NVMe) 500GB,

    as I need the extra space for all my music (& music videos) collection, I prefer to keep my music on an SSD drive (over a HDD) for faster access.

    And the current 256GB is just not enough, for boot files & programs & music.

    Though about just adding a separate 2.5" SATA 3 SSD 256GB drive, but figured buying the 960 EVO and seliing off the SM951 does not cost much more.

    Also figured the 960 EVO would work with more feature of Samsung Magician software, compraed the OEM SM951.

  2. On 5/2/2017 at 7:20 AM, Brian said:

    What are you doing that you're hoping to see a performance gain in? I can't get behind what WD is doing with SSD right now, there are many other better options.

    I like to store my mp3's and music video on an SSD, for faster access.

    And stuff might get a little crowded on my current 256GB M.2 boot drive.

    So instead of buying a separate 250GB 2.5" SSD for my music stuff, thought I might as well go and replace my 256GB M.2, for a 500GB M.2.

  3. Hey all my Gigabyte Z77X-D3H intel motherboard system is arriving in the next few days and need to get an SSD for it but no idea which is best for gaming. I'm after 120gb minimum. What's the most reliable SSD yet has great performance?

    I was lucky last week and got a Samsung 840 EVO 500GB for $200 (+tax) off Amazon, it was a 24 hour sale, so maybe check Amazon every day and maybe they will offer another 24 hour sale.

    The Crucial M100s seem to offer the best bang for the buck, their 512GB model will sometimes sell for under $200.

    My 840 Evo arrived earlier today, used the Samsung software to copy over from my old Corsair 180GB, performance improvement is very notiveable.

  4. I just cloned (Win 8.1) my Corsair 180GB SSD boot drive to my new Samsung 500GB EVO SSD bootdrive.

    Everything seems to be working fine.

    But when I go into My PC to see the list of storage devices, in the icon for my new Samsung boot drive C:, there is a very tiny tiny little blue square, the seems to be a tiny white cross in the little blue square.

    I do not think it was there for my Corsair 180GB boot drive.

    Any idea what this little blue square means?

  5. WD10EZEX 1tb 7200RPM 64MBCahe WD Blue 3.5in



    WD3200BEKT 320gb 7.2K 16MB WD Black 2.5in


    Core i5-3570K


    2x 4GB

    win 7 64

    Presently using WD3200BEKT 2.5in WD Black 320gb Now i need storage. So going to purchase WD10EZEX 3.5in WD Blue

    Which is the better idea?

    1) Clone WD3200BEKT to WD10EZEX using Acronis (AF supported)


    2) Just plug WD10EZEX secondary for Storage.

    Which will give good performance?

    Please read the spec if you are not clear.

    Personally, I would do a fresh install of the Win 7 64 on to the WD10EZEX.

    Transfer all data from the WD3200 to the WD10EZEX

    Then wipe the WD3200 and use it as a backup storage.

    I'm also looking at getting the WD10EZEX, but as a storage drive, as I use SSD for a boot drive.

    Please post back your impression of the WD10EZEX.

  6. Short answer: Buy it, have your vital data backed up, and if it works after a month or two, you should be fine. :P

    Long answer:

    Regardless of what SSD(or even HDD) you buy, you should have a backup plan set up(there are many options).

    What are you upgrading from and how important is the data you will be storing on the drive?

    I doubt you will find companies publishing their failure rates, so it can be hard to determine high failure rates. You can look at customer reviews(from Newegg/Amazon etc) for the item(or agility 3 in general if you can't find any 180GB reviews) to get a glimpse.

    Because of possible issues with the Sandforce controller(compatibility issues and BSODs), and some bad moves by OCZ(here), OCZ might not have the best of reputation(depending on who you ask). SSDs for Intel, Samsung and Crucial are seen as more reliable, but it doesn't tell the whole story.

    Like how newer SSDS from Intel will have a controller from Sandforce, bad reviews that might not have been with firmware upgrades(helps with compatibility/BSODs), potential issues with the notebooks/motherboards, and OCZ makes/configures many SSDs from high end(MAX IOPs) models to budgets one. So, when someone says 'OCZ sucks', they could be talking about an OCZ SSD that is substantially different from the Agility 3.

    Other things to consider: OCZ drives have a 3 years warranty, has an active support forum, stores have refund/exchange polices, and you will want to pay with a credit card(it adds an extra layer of protection and make it easier to deal with non-cooperative companies).

    I do not really keep anything of importance on my boot drive, really just the OS and maybe a few games, I get the feeling that the OCZs with the Sandforce controllers are having more problems with motherboards with the Intel chipset, I use AMD.

    I do use Newegg for getting feedback on products.

    Another factor I'm looking at is how well OCZ is at processing their rebates.

  7. As the Samsung 1TB failed yesterday, I guess I'm buying a new drive in a day or two, might as well make it a SATA 6.0.

    Have a two month old backup on a WD-1TB-green drive, so did not lose anything of real importance.

    What's a good program for copying files from one partition to another partition (separate drives).

  8. My current storage drive Samsung 7200 1GB SATA 3.0 is starting to have weird problems, like disappearing sometimes.

    About two months ago I did a fresh partition and format, still have the same problems.

    So I'm looking to replace it. Now I have what I think is slow indexing, like when I access my 10GB music folder.

    I even tried replacing Norton with MS Essentials Security, just in case the Norton scanning was slowing the indexing.

    In the address bar, I get a slow green line going from left to right, sometimes it seems like it takes 30 seconds to finish.

    Would a SATA 6.0 drive improve indexing on a hard drive?

    (I do have SATA 6.0 controllers on my 880G motherboard)

    Otherwise I would rather save a few dollars and get another SATA 3.0 drive.