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  1. I was thinking of replacing my current Samsung SM951 M.2 (AHCI) 256GB boot drive with the Samsung 960 EVO M.2 (NVMe) 500GB, as I need the extra space for all my music (& music videos) collection, I prefer to keep my music on an SSD drive (over a HDD) for faster access. And the current 256GB is just not enough, for boot files & programs & music. Though about just adding a separate 2.5" SATA 3 SSD 256GB drive, but figured buying the 960 EVO and seliing off the SM951 does not cost much more. Also figured the 960 EVO would work with more feature of Samsung Magician software, compraed the OEM SM951.
  2. I'm currently using a Samsung SM951 AHCI 256GB M.2 as the boot drive (write 2200) Thinking of replacing it with a WD Black NVMe 512GB M.2 drive (write 2000) Will the WD's being NVMe (write 2000) compansate for the performance difference, over the SM951 being AHCI (and 2200 write)?
  3. Tacoboy

    NVMe vs AHCI, for m.2 drives

    I like to store my mp3's and music video on an SSD, for faster access. And stuff might get a little crowded on my current 256GB M.2 boot drive. So instead of buying a separate 250GB 2.5" SSD for my music stuff, thought I might as well go and replace my 256GB M.2, for a 500GB M.2.
  4. Tacoboy

    WD Black vs Blue for gaming PC

    I had a 1Tb WD blue, I was surpirsed how fast it was
  5. Consumer drives shown to be more reliable than enterprise drives http://www.computerworld.com/article/2687068/consumer-drives-shown-to-be-more-reliable-than-enterprise-drives.html?source=cwfb&utm_content=buffer61b9a&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  6. I'm planning on replacing my 180GB (C300) SSD with a 256GB SSD drive. Currently the Sandisk Ultra plus 256GB is on sale for $110. Is the ultra Plus comparable performance wise with other 256GB SSDs?
  7. Ended up getting a Samsung 840 EVO 500GB for $200, performance is nice
  8. I was lucky last week and got a Samsung 840 EVO 500GB for $200 (+tax) off Amazon, it was a 24 hour sale, so maybe check Amazon every day and maybe they will offer another 24 hour sale. The Crucial M100s seem to offer the best bang for the buck, their 512GB model will sometimes sell for under $200. My 840 Evo arrived earlier today, used the Samsung software to copy over from my old Corsair 180GB, performance improvement is very notiveable.
  9. I just cloned (Win 8.1) my Corsair 180GB SSD boot drive to my new Samsung 500GB EVO SSD bootdrive. Everything seems to be working fine. But when I go into My PC to see the list of storage devices, in the icon for my new Samsung boot drive C:, there is a very tiny tiny little blue square, the seems to be a tiny white cross in the little blue square. I do not think it was there for my Corsair 180GB boot drive. Any idea what this little blue square means?
  10. Now trying to decide between a M100 512GB ($193) and a Samsung 512GB EVO ($250). Wondering if the Samsung is worth the extra $57?
  11. Now thinking of holding out for the price to drop on the 500GB SSDs. As some 250GB SSDs are going for under $100 (on sale), i would assume some of the 500GBs SSDs would drop below $200.
  12. I've have two 2TB drives for storage and one of them is starting to make clicking noises. So I'm think of just replacing both 2TB drives with one 4TB drive. Have no idea on which brand of 4TB drive is more reliable then the other?
  13. Right now the Hitachi HGST 0S03359 4TB drive is $151 and I want to make a back up of my back ups. I'm assuming the Deskstar is improved from the old Deathstar days? Or is there a(4TB)brand more recommend then the Deskstar?
  14. My current Win 7 64-bit PC has C: 180GB SSD & D: 128GB SSD, So I'm looking at adding a storage E: drive Want the storage drive to have a low failure rate, SATA-6.0 and prefer decent performance I'm trying decide between a low cost (any brand) 2TB hard drive ($100-$110) and the WD10EZEX 1.0TB 64mb cache hard drive ($70). Anyone heard anything good or bad about the WD10EZEX hard drive?
  15. Ended up ordering the drive from Newegg on Sunday night.
  16. Tacoboy

    WD10EZEX + WD3200BEKT advice me?

    Personally, I would do a fresh install of the Win 7 64 on to the WD10EZEX. Transfer all data from the WD3200 to the WD10EZEX Then wipe the WD3200 and use it as a backup storage. I'm also looking at getting the WD10EZEX, but as a storage drive, as I use SSD for a boot drive. Please post back your impression of the WD10EZEX.
  17. Tacoboy

    OCZ Agility 3 AGT3-25SAT3 180GB SSD

    Ended up ordering a Corsair 180GB for $180.
  18. I'm thinking of upgrading to the OCZ Agility 3 AGT3-25SAT3 180GB hard drive. My motherboard supports SATA 6.0 (SATA III). I'm looking for an SSD that does not have a higher failure then normal. In general how good are OCZ's SSD drives?
  19. Tacoboy

    OCZ Agility 3 AGT3-25SAT3 180GB SSD

    Last night tried to buy the OCZ 180GB, but the discount code would not work. Decided that I might instead of one 180GB, going for two 90GB (RAID) might be more fun. I know the risk, I've done a raid one before. Just have to get my buddy to order the 2nd for the rebate.
  20. Tacoboy

    OCZ Agility 3 AGT3-25SAT3 180GB SSD

    I do not really keep anything of importance on my boot drive, really just the OS and maybe a few games, I get the feeling that the OCZs with the Sandforce controllers are having more problems with motherboards with the Intel chipset, I use AMD. I do use Newegg for getting feedback on products. Another factor I'm looking at is how well OCZ is at processing their rebates.
  21. My current storage drive Samsung 7200 1GB SATA 3.0 is starting to have weird problems, like disappearing sometimes. About two months ago I did a fresh partition and format, still have the same problems. So I'm looking to replace it. Now I have what I think is slow indexing, like when I access my 10GB music folder. I even tried replacing Norton with MS Essentials Security, just in case the Norton scanning was slowing the indexing. In the address bar, I get a slow green line going from left to right, sometimes it seems like it takes 30 seconds to finish. Would a SATA 6.0 drive improve indexing on a hard drive? (I do have SATA 6.0 controllers on my 880G motherboard) Otherwise I would rather save a few dollars and get another SATA 3.0 drive.
  22. Tacoboy

    SATA 3.0 verses SATA 6.0

    As the Samsung 1TB failed yesterday, I guess I'm buying a new drive in a day or two, might as well make it a SATA 6.0. Have a two month old backup on a WD-1TB-green drive, so did not lose anything of real importance. What's a good program for copying files from one partition to another partition (separate drives).
  23. I'm guessing WDC would rather make you wait for them to have a refurbished drive to send to you.
  24. I'm using an SSD boot with a WD 1TB green as storage, but would like a faster storage drive. How reliable has the Samsung HD103SJ been?