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  1. Hi, Guys! I would appreciate some help here, from fibre channel guys that know what they talk about.... I am at the moment building a SAN controller with Fc target interface. I have quite good knowledge of fibre channel, been working with it in the datacenter I use to work in earlier. But perhaps I don't have the real deeeeep knowledge that I would need.... Anyway, I base the controller on OpenIndiana, a Solaris derivate, and use the COMSTAR target implementation for the fc targets, and ZFS to manage the pools and drives. I bought a couple of QLA2462 HBA's on eBay, and I allready had a bunch of QLA23xx. COMSTAR support only 4 Gb and up fc adapters for targets. Also only 4 Gb and up fc switches and HBA's supports NPIV, which I am interested in. At the moment I only test the system, so I thought I don't need a switch, I can run point-to-point. Problem is that I got some boot problems, and it seems to be with different servers. I try to boot off the SAN controller, and it works very good on someservers, but bad on others. I try to narrow down the problems, so here are some ideas I have: One idea I have is that booting from an fc HBA isn't supported point-to-point? Anyone knows? As I said, it works on all servers, but on some good, on others bad. Does the name server in the switch has something to do with the booting? When it doesn't work, the fc device(COMSTAR) doesn't show up in POST under the HBA bios initialization. But if I get in to the bios, after that it showed no bootable devices, the device and the assigned LUN's shows up. Allways! So another idea I have here is that it is an incompatibility with the motherboard firmware on the server I bought new fibre cables, but one turned out to be completely bad, so perhaps it could be the cables? As you see, this is difficult, I need to narrow it down, and get some fresh ideas here.... That's why I in full confidence turn to you, me, will you...? Regards Johan
  2. Hi, everyone! I´m very much in the fibre channel world, and here disk drive firmware is a significant factor. A problem I and many of my collegues have, is that we often work with disk drives from many manufactur´s and OEM´s, and they got their own firmware. If that wasn´t enough, when we work with the different OEM and manufactur´s firmware, we also need a differnt tool or utility for each OEM or manufacturer!!!!! So, if I want to work with a seagate disk with SUN firmware, I will need a SUN utility to manage it, and if I want to change the SUN firmware to generic seagate, I need the seagate seatools utility, and so on. Exhausting! We use today 6 different tools/utilities, and would need another 5 for beeing able to do our job. I have a friend that told me about a utility that would be possible to use for all kinds of firmware. It wasn´t limited to a specific file extension. But this utility only worked in Compaq alpha environment, so that was it. Anyone out there got access to a utility like that? Could you share it with me? Any tip?? rgrds Johan