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  1. Could be, but I tested both 64kb and 128kb stripe sizes with two of the drives before I added the third one - the 64kb option actually proved to be a little bit faster. I have never seen HDTach scores like the ones he has shown on an ICH10R - JCRabbit, is your machine overclocked at all?
  2. Yup, enabling Write Back Cache on the ICH10R does wonders for SSDs. I'm actually quite amazed at the speeds you are getting - the ICH10R is supposed to have a maximum throughput of 667MB/sec, which I hit with my 3x X25-E's in RAID0. You somehow have managed to surpass that :-)
  3. The DiamondMax Plus 8 drives were slimline models and I need something with a similar height to fit into a low profile desktop case to replace the existing hard drive. Do they even make low profile drives anymore and will I be able to get a 160Gb one?
  4. jhbodle

    nForce4 and RAID

    Bump. Does no one know anything about the mirroring performance on an nForce4? What about the nForce3 - does that do it? I assume the nforce4 would be similar so it would be a good starting point.
  5. jhbodle

    nForce4 and RAID

    nVidia's nForce4 Ultra (and SLi) chipsets come with a much touted RAID ability, but I have a few questions: Is it hardware-based RAID or is it still a software-based approach? If I set up a RAID1 (mirrored) array, is the nVidia RAID smart enough to 'stripe' read off the two hard drives when reading data for improved read performance?
  6. I have just bought a new DVD-R Writer. Unfortunately, a lack of free drive bays means that I will have to remove my DVD-ROM drive permenantly to install it. I use the DVD-ROM drive to read all of my CDs, install games etc in order to save wear and tear on my Yamaha CRW-F1 CD-ReWriter which I also have installed. My question is this - can I use the Yamaha drive for everyday CD-ROM use or is it not built to take the strain of the increased use? I don't want to break my £100 CD-Writer after a few months use.
  7. A few months ago I installed Drive Health on two of my PC's (www.drivehealth.com). It's a SMART reporting tool and claims to predict when a Threshold Exceeded Condition (Drive failure) will occur based on the monitored readings. I've just looked at both PC's and my old one with a 3 year old Maxtor has an estimated failure date of May 2004 (no problem with that). However, my 6-month old IBM Deskstar 120GXP 60Gb has an estimated failure date of December 2003, stating that at this point the Spin Up Time of the Deskstar will seal its fate of death. Should I be worried or is this a crap piece of software?
  8. I've got a Promise RAID chip on my gigabyte GA-7VRXP motherboard - will this support the tagged command queueing features?
  9. So it seems that IBM are reducing their warranty to 1 year for all drives except the 180Gb version of the 180GXP on November 15. What I want to know is: if I buy two of the 60Gb models before November 15, will they have a 3 year warranty or will they get kicked down to a year when their new rules come in? Would I just show them the proof of purchase if something goes wrong after say, 2 years? Also, any reviews on this drive yet? I know it's quick, all i really wanna know is if it has a breathe hole at the top of the drive or not (i can stack them otherwise, can't i?) My 120GXP has a breathe hole, so i'd put that on top - or can you still stack drives with breathe holes? :?