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    New Seagate HDD but health status low

    Thanks for reply... whiic, you give me a hope I never used smart monitoring, is fo the first time. I try this, because hhds make anormal noises for a seagate drive..... Randomly i heard "Head Parking and Landing" noises. As far as I know, this noise i should hear only when i power off the comp. Am I right ??? I change many drives along time, and never Seagate sound like this !!! Ok, smart values are irrelevant now.... but noises... When a noise is produced, always "Raw read error rate" is changing I have reasons to be worried ???
  2. pricinosus

    New Seagate HDD but health status low

    Hy guys I have 2 new identical segates st3200826A 200Gb, same age (one week). From the moment i instaled them in my computer, i hear from hdds, random noises like "Head Parking and the Landing", like you herd when you reset or power up/down the sistem. But nothing wrong happens, the system working normaly. I instaled sigGuardian. Please take a look at the screenshots. First HDD Second HDD I repet the hdd are identical ! (and have 3 year warranty) Which of them (or both) have problems ???? What's happening with Seagate ? Tell me, please