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  1. My areca came with both, think the fan was on the card, and the passive heatsink in the box, which i could fit instead if i wanted. Nox
  2. Acronis - fifthed Has all the feature you wish ghost did, and is dirt cheap/free trial. Nox
  3. thats why you buy yourself an iram - put all the caching stuff that you can on there, i've got 2gb of ram lying around so will be buying one for that reason alone.
  4. Nox

    Sandisk 32GB 2.5" SATA SSD drive...

    ah, i should of said 'on each' I'm happy to wait till xmas, think i'll be upgrading my gfx card first anyway. Nox
  5. Nox

    Sandisk 32GB 2.5" SATA SSD drive...

    The performance of Samsung’s SSD exceeds that of a similarly sized hard drive by more than 150%. For example, it can read data at a rate of 56MB per second and achieves write speeds of 32MB per second full note on the samsung site here: I want 100mb/s read speed If i'm going to buy one, don't really want to go slower than my raptor, even if the seek is nearly non-existant. Nox
  6. How fast is this? I imagine slower than a regular HD on xfer rates but faster seek times? Nox
  7. my p5w64 has an option in the BIOS for ECC ram, and it works fine with my areca 1220. Nox
  8. Nox

    Is anyone excited about Vista?

    re #2 - you can allready assign different permissions to different 'trees' with the registry, just as you can with subfolders/file on the HD. But... there are occasional games, that seem to require you to be in the administrators group for no apparent real reason... FFXI springs to mind here. Nox
  9. Nox

    New SSD disk from Gigabyte

    I was under this impression too, but I didn't own the first ever ever Amiga, only a 500 and a 4000/030. Something in my head keeps niggling that the 1000 was it may of... The Atari had... TOS wasn't it? and after 45 odd secs (could be more) of no disk being put in definately booted into its OS, cut down admittedly. Though GEM springs to mind too. Damn, those were the days. Nox
  10. Nox

    cache raid

    Thank you both, the motherboard in question is an asus A8N judging from the sig of the poster, I would assume it will be going through the nvidia controller, in which case there is no mobo cache. I don't think the onboard Sil controller has that either, even if it is the top of the range one. I wasn't aware windows had a disk read cache either, but that doesn't suprise me as i've had arguments with its disk writing in the past, with delayed transactions I think it was called, was a while ago though. Again, thanks. Nox
  11. Nox

    Mobo with a PCI-E x4 slot?

    I think the K8WE has dual x16 slots, both running at x16, but only if you populate both CPU sockets. Nox
  12. Nox

    cache raid

    Hi, If you stripe a HD, is the cache also 'striped' ? I've noticed a post on another forum where someone is running two drives with SATAII enabled, showing a burst of 340Mb/s, ie faster than the SATAII interface. Am I right to assume its also striping the cache? Nox
  13. Apple are providing 'something extra' by allowing mulitple OS's, officially. I don't have a problem with with any company willing to do this - It may actually increase mac sales as now people could also put XP on it to play games, then boot to OS Leopard for their "serious work" ! Personally I love the way macs are so quiet, and look great, but still use a PC with XP and Linux on it. Nox
  14. What model mobo is it? On mine (DFI) you have to put the areca card in the x16 slot nearest the cpu, and the gfx card in the lower slot Nox
  15. I have a T7K250 thats been put in an old computer now, I would corrupt the HD far too easily/often when overclocking. "TSK, cos you'd overclocked!" I hear, yes, but my old 36 GB raptors never blinked, so I bought a 150GB raptor instead and thats fine. (And since an areca 1220, and another raptor, and soon some 500GB drives) Probably just a one off - the T7kK250 is more than happy in my old P4 machine Nox