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    Pentium Pro-blems Redux

    Since posts cannot be edited... TrintonAzaleth is jtr. This is evident by looking at another posted jtr posted where he was causing trouble and I also responded saying it wasn't me. Oh one interesting thing: as I recall the long crazy philosophy post is a direct quote of my past writings (I think from when I was 16 or so) I am unsure where it came from; it looks to be from my diary. It is certainly not meant to tie into thinking about computer chips as some of my philosophical ramblings do.
  2. Saylon Aphelia

    Pentium Pro-blems Redux

    Just a comment here; TrintonAzaleth is not the original Trinton Azaleth at all. I don't know who it is, and don't feel like figuring out who it is. I know these things because I am the original. If possible I'll interact once more with the community then I will. I doubt that is possible though. I just wanted it to be clear who is and is not me. (despite that it was obviously not me) There is one obvious thing I would never say: that the Pentium Pro was a good chip. It was a bad chip, and I think that is almost fact. It had floating point errors right from the start. Plus; I'll never been a fan of intel chips in general as people who remember me will remember. I was always an AMD fan. (or Cyrix before AMD)