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    Thanks for all the help everyone, it does appear that the X1400, is a discrete 128MB. However, I got a mint condition T42 with a 64MB Radeon 9600 for 900$ instead, I really have no need for a T60 at the time and with the best deal for the X1400 at 2000$ it wouldn't be worth it. It's kind of annoying how outdated the Radeon 7500 is and how IBM kept with it as its base configuration ever since its introduction with the T30 series!
  2. I'm considering in purchasing a new IBM T60 to replace my old T40 that has served me well over the years. Only thing I'm a bit concerned about is this HyperMemory advertising that is rather confusing on the IBM site. The models with the X1300 have a discrete 64MB, but ALL the models with the X1400 include the term HyperMemory. Graphics Video RAM STD/MAX 128MB Description ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 HyperMemory Graphics Type SXGA Video RAM Type GDDR Now the question is does the 128MB above mean 128MB of discrete memory or that 64MB is dedicated and 64MB is shared from system? IBM Tech has been no help as usual, and the retailers have no clue either. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge with this? I have known DELL to be deceptive in advertising, boasting 512MB VRAM when it's actually 256MB and then 256MB of system memory. There is a very limited amount of independent information about the X1400 on the web, except that it is only meant for mobile implementation and that it is an overclocked version of the X1300 laptop card. From my understanding don't all the X1xxx series cards suport HyperMemory? What does IBM mean here?
  3. Closersource

    Best low-level drive test?

    The best low-level hard disk test today is without a doubt Spinrite 6.0. Runs off a floppy or a CD too. Of course it isn't free.
  4. Closersource

    New Seagate HDD but health status low

    First back-up all your important data. Next consider running the Sea Tools Full Test. You seem to have multiple partitions. You may want to reformat your drive into one single partition and run Sea Tools again. In any event from the log details, you should be entitled to an RMA. If Seagate does not grant you an RMA, you should actively consider using Spinrite.
  5. Closersource

    New Seagate HDD but health status low

    SMART is unfortunately an extremely proprietary standard with different manufacturers having different SMART standards and thresholds. In my experience as an ITS tech, Seagate has in the past been pretty demanding with its SMART values. That being said, looking at your description, it appears that your drive is failing, most likely due to heat stress or dirty power. You should get a Seagate RMA if your warranty is still active. If this is not an option then you should investigate purchasing GRC Spinrite and doing a Level 5 scan for defect repair. After Spinrite repairs your drive, you can consider using Seagate's Disc Wizard to zero-fill the drive and remove the bad sectors. On an aside I have had some bad experiences with HDD Regenerator and I cannot recommend using it, as its supposed unique magnetic algorithm is very suspect and tends to heat the target drive to dangerous temperatures.
  6. Closersource

    Bulging Capacitors

    Hi I think there was a post related to this topic, but I can't seem to find it anymore. Anyway since I have no intention of actually desoldering and replacing capacitors (too time consuming). I was wondering if someone can give me an opinion on some bulged capacitors. I recently bought a DFI-AD72SN Socket A motherboard off of EBAY and I feel a bit duped since several caps are bulged and have electrolytic crud on them. Against my better judgement I ran some burn-in tests with an old Athlon Thunderbird and everything checks out just fine. I cleaned the crud off but I'm concerned the caps may leak or explode. Is there really an imminent danger of that? Everything is fine...?
  7. Closersource

    Cyberlink Folder - Help!

    Hey personally I don't even use Cyberlink anymore or Intervideo. I use NVDVD and sometimes an open source player. These series of posts are to help people who just want to fix their broken or annoying software, not to incessantly badger people about switching. Anyway unless you have a solution to all of this besides non-constructive crticism, please stop.
  8. Closersource

    Cyberlink Folder - Help!

    Well I looked for that hex solution and it seems all I could find is a way to prevent the creation of the DEFAULT.PLS file within the Cyberlink Folder. It's rather simple and since I am not sure of the legality of it all; I'll leave this here. I'm sure however that I remember reading a post somewhere that allowed the folder to be suppressed. It might be a registry plus hex workaround. Good Luck. And yes Cyberlink is not the best, and far from it, but if it's what you have it's what you have.
  9. I just registered as a member today and I wanted to check out the WD800BB 's reliability survey. I however cannot login. I can login to the forum just fine but the same username/password brings up the bad login page when I try the Survey/Polls. Ideas anyone? In the meantime how are the WD800BB 's in reliability?
  10. Closersource

    Cyberlink Folder - Help!

    I don't remember exactly how but you must use a Hex Editor and manually delete the create folder entry. I think you better Google it.